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VIDEO: Ross County 0-1 Rangers - AMAD DIALLO Goal (Full Replay)

2022.01.29 10:59 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Ross County 0-1 Rangers - AMAD DIALLO Goal (Full Replay)

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2022.01.29 10:59 kr0n0526 A very wholesome reddit moment here.

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2022.01.29 10:59 Anne_Pizza Frog Drip

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2022.01.29 10:59 Juliofotovideo Yes Yes Yes!!! Your NFT is here!!!

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2022.01.29 10:59 Longjumping_Ad_289 عنبر الجيش 😂 تحية لكل الناس اللي عدت الفترة ده في حياتها

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2022.01.29 10:59 thehomeygrail Laptop Stands, SweeHo Portable Foldable Laptop Holder, Ergonomic Laptop Stand Adjustable Height 6 Angles , Aluminum Alloy MacBook Stand for Desk, Best Gifts for Valentine's Day (Black) $17.99 ->$9.99

Laptop Stands, SweeHo Portable Foldable Laptop Holder, Ergonomic Laptop Stand Adjustable Height 6 Angles , Aluminum Alloy MacBook Stand for Desk, Best Gifts for Valentine's Day (Black) $17.99 ->$9.99 submitted by thehomeygrail to DayOfDeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 10:59 Ranger447 Keir Starmer says more Holyrood powers will be early priority as Prime Minister

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2022.01.29 10:59 TheFreshYoungster Is Ridge City/State in Strangereal? (Ridge Racer)

(Phasing into a new Reddit account so I'm kicking it off with a discussion.)
Anyone who played the early Ridge Racer games will have noticed the awesome mix of advertising between them and the early Ace Combat series; seeing the Air Combat and Ace Combat 2 Phoenix logos on billboards in Ridge City.
After it recently coming up in an easter egg video I watched, the cross-over peaked my curiosity, so I did a little digging.
Ridge Racer built it's own world through the series, but it never really expanded into anything more than a state. In this though, you can see various passenger planes parked up along side some of the tracks with Erusean and ISAF flags on their tails, as well as retail stores trackside with names like "Electrosphere".
Also bearing in mind that Kei Nagase's older sister, Reiko, is the main mascot for the Ridge Racer series, it seems silly to think that Ridge City ISN'T in Strangereal.
SO, what do you guys think? Where abouts in Strangereal do you think Ridge State is?
(Map links included)
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2022.01.29 10:59 Consistent_Ostrich27 Is this Team Good for 4-4–2? Any improvements ? Need help arm 1-6 in Weekend League

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2022.01.29 10:59 AutoModerator Jan 29: Daily briefing on novel coronavirus cases in China

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2022.01.29 10:59 KazeArqaz PGR made a rap battle between its newly released construct and transcendent. They are giving out action figures randomly to those people that voted who won.

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2022.01.29 10:59 muffin2526 [Xbox] [h] offers [w] golden moon black markets

I decided to open one of my moons and got a tact hellfire 🔥
I'm especially interested in offering on a new painted hellfire but let me know what you got
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2022.01.29 10:59 cannibalsunite How to get emotional/overcome numbness?

I’m so sick of not having any emotions (except in the moment when I’m “triggered”or panicking about something).
My therapist wants to try EMDR again after a break from trauma work and I do too, but once again, I am failing to recall traumatic instances or to feel at all emotional about anything in my life, including years of emotional abuse and occasional physical abuse from my mom, my father French kissing me as a child, lots of boundary violations, witnessing domestic violence, losing my virginity to 2 strangers in a sexual assault at 19, and a psychotic episode in college.
I have chronic high baseline anxiety and I feel like I am constantly in panic/survival mode especially around my mother. I’m hypervigilant, physically and emotionally, and I panic at the drop of a hat. I have always noticeably lacked confidence and had very low self esteem but now, especially, i feel rather worthless and hopeless, having failed spectacularly at college and adulthood, not even coming close to fulfilling any of my dreams.
My therapist would like to try EMDR again and theoretically it should be useful from what I’ve read. We have spent three months building rapport, etc. but I can’t feel anything. When I am in therapy (or on my own outside of therapy) and try to remember events I just feel like they are regular memories of the past and and have no emotional reaction. None whatsoever. Even big upsetting things that happened a week ago (like my mom telling me I was “demonic,” “stupid” and disgusting, her hitting me and threatening to strangle me to death and me feeling like I deserved it because I lied to her about something big), Nothing. I am so frustrated. I thought this was honestly normal not to be emotional when talking about or remembering the pst. But then I read about EMDR and PTSD and hear about people crying in therapy. Maybe it’s my antidepressants. I want to release the anxiety and emotions but there’s nothing inside me. Im starting to feel like my traumas must not have been bad because I cannot get at all emotional about them— even by myself.
Is there a way to unnumb myself? Could I just not be traumatized after all?
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2022.01.29 10:59 blueheartaches The popularised version of LOA is bs

(2nd acc)
Before you come at me, hear me out. The whole concept of the law of assumption that is taught by coaches, "popular" submakers etc is "Your thoughts create" and that is complete utter bs. Like, c'mon. Does that even make sense? No. Your thoughts do NOT create, because i'll bet you a million dollars that if you think right now "the sky is black" the sky will not turn black. Go on, try it. Do yk what DOES manifest? Your beliefs. Some people like to call it your self concept, but tbh i dont rlly like calling it that. The sky being blue or you being a girl/boy isnt really your self concept, is it? Its your belief.
I honestly hate what solar did to this community. I really wish she'd explained it how neville goddard did. No, if you think rn that you'll get results right this second, you will not get them. Why? Because just like saying the sky is black, yk youre lying to yourself. You must believe that you always get results really quickly for it to happen. Thats literally the whole purpose of subliminals, to change your subcon beliefs. So mental diets are kinda dumb imo because you cant really lie to yourself, and they often lead to mental disorders bc you get frustrated/angry/upset when you dont see results. So yeah. Your thoughts dont create. Your beliefs do. Thats why youre most likely not gonna get results in a day, or a week in an area where youve always believed you've lacked. For example, if you've always believed you were poor, listening to one subliminal one day wont suddenly make you a millionaire. If that were the case, then simply making a subliminal saying "grass is pink" will turn grass pink. What im trying to say is be consistent and please please please dont listen to mainstream loa coaches because they 95% of the time dont know what theyre talking about.
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2022.01.29 10:59 haljhon Eliminate my job? Okay, contract my services!

This one is actually about my mother because it happened when I was a kid.
My mother was in management at a hospital and doing very well overseeing certain treatment programs. She became one of the first certified in a new treatment program that was highly effective and thus began practicing it at her hospital. Two others also became certified with her and they were seeing great results.
About a year later, the hospital changed hands and her boss was replaced by a very unpleasant woman. This lady was very unkind and generally disliked. My mother even told me that her hairdresser was complaining about this horrible new customer and it turned out to be my mother’s new boss. My mother didn’t appreciate this woman’s attitude and, to no surprise, my mother’s job was soon ”eliminated.”
Being the strong lady she is, she prayed and decided to start her own practice focusing on the specialized treatment she’d been practicing at the hospital. She spoke with her other two cohorts trained in the same thing and they agreed to quit and start practicing with her as partners. They opened the first outside treatment clinic of this kind in our region.
The results were fantastic to say the least! They turned a profit within six months. They were receiving new clients regularly and had out-of-state facilities contacting them for consultation and to treat severe cases. Things were going great for them.
About a year into it, that hospital realized that my mother’s practice was doing well and needed to use their services. The only way my mother was able to help was through her own clinic. She had her own patients now and couldn’t go back to work at the hospital. The hospital had no choice and began sending patients to their clinic for treatment. The three partners were now doing exactly what they had all been doing before but for more money and own their own terms.
At this same time, things were not going well for my mother’s old boss. She was terminated from the hospital on Halloween, which seemed fitting based on her bad attitude.
The clinic went on to grow and ended up with over six practitioners. My mother was able to plan retirement out of that practice. It was a true miracle of God and a blessing.
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2022.01.29 10:59 SolutionPutrid2402 [H] [Lifetime] VPNs Streaming Music Sports Food +More! [W] PayPal/Stripe/crypto

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2022.01.29 10:59 gueevee [offer] need a valentine's playlist or maybe just one for a random sunday? I gotchu for only 1USD each!

hi, I love making playlists so I figured I could offer services HAHA
1USD per playlist, 10-40 songs or 30-120 minutes
genres I listen to most: kpop, post-hardcore, pop, indie, oldies (40's-80's), musicals, alt rock, pop rock
I can make playlists based on a theme (ex. "sparkling night" = chill, relaxing, dreamy vibes),
based on a group/artist/musical (ex. bubbly pentagon = all cute/happy-themed songs of pentagon)
mop: paypal, ko-fi, gcash, bpi
bid below, and I'll chat you <:
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2022.01.29 10:59 jardine1980 Saturday... #bnbeer #bnbeerArmy 🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.29 10:59 CC12gg VFD member Stuart “2-D” Pots flees police after being wrongly accused of decommissioning Roxanne Wolf, then turns himself in to be a part of illegal Heathers

The dream started… “normal” enough. My school was doing a performance of Heathers in like 6 months (it was basically illegal Heathers). I got cast as a made up side character from the musical Mean Girls, and was pretty happy with the role. Then things got weird. I had a brief POV swap with Gregory from FNAF decommissioning Roxy. Anyways, Gorillaz vocalist 2-D is working at a coffee shop. More specifically, Black Cat Coffee, a location from the book series “All The Wrong Questions” (prequel to “A Series of Unfortunate Events”). He is standing in front of a staff door with two funny locks. If you know those public toilets that have locks that turn around and say ‘occupied’ when someone is using it, you know what I’m talking about. A massive squad of police officers suddenly walk through the main entrance and announce he is under arrest for the decommissioning of Roxy. Lemony Snicket and Ellington Feint, who are suddenly there for some reason, say that he’s innocent and can’t be arrested. Suddenly, the locks on the door turn. One says “3 o’clock,” and the other says “V.F.D”, revealing that 2-D is a part of VFD. He says, “Oh look, it’s 3 o’clock” then bolts through the door, which leads to my bedroom.
After closing the door, 2-D goes to the bathroom and jumps out of the window onto our conservatory roof, which for some reason is underneath the bathroom unlike real life. He crawls over a fence on the side of the house, and somehow ends up in the living room. Murdoc is there with two random women, and tells him, “Remember 2-D. If you keep hiding forever, you’ll never be able to play in the Heathers performance” (???????). Suddenly the police show up, and 2-D goes back upstairs. An officer spots him, but rather than hiding or running, 2-D turns himself in so he can wrongly serve 1 month in prison rather than hide forever and miss Heathers.
All of this because of Gregory decommissioning Roxy
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2022.01.29 10:59 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.29 10:59 swiftt-yt thanks for the gift brawl stars

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2022.01.29 10:59 Adexrap Es esto cierto?

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2022.01.29 10:59 Savings_Subject74 British Council Membership

Anyone here has a membership to the British Council Library?
Is it worth it and is there a wide variety of books available?
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2022.01.29 10:59 ssb90 How to sort out heel slippage

Hi everyone
I was gifted a pair of Tims for my birthday - https://www.timberland.co.uk/shop/en/tbl-uk/men-footwear-boots/larchmont-lined-chukka-for-men-in-brown-a2mr3f13
The issue is at the time I first tried them on they seemed ok to walk in but after a while I found that they could be a little more snug on my feet.
They’re a UK size 10 and after reading I heard that a size down is usually preferred with Tim’s.
Is there a way I can solve the issue without doubling up my socks or wearing thicker socks?
Could I possibly add another insole on top of the existing to pad it?
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2022.01.29 10:59 JerSucks 220129 Yeji

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