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mega chad scavs

2022.01.29 11:12 benjw77 mega chad scavs

someone needs to fix these regular bum scavs that can dropshot and map you like its a piece of piss, make them have more initiative or be smarter to increase difficulty. Dont let them drop shot while shooting accurately at a range that just seems stupid.
Or aimlocking through bushes because thats totally ok.
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2022.01.29 11:12 BlackRussianTV @LIFT_Labs @AdamMGrant The most powerful Crypto Price Tracker, Portfolio, W...

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2022.01.29 11:12 BanglarLok Do I deserve this punishment?

I am such a lazy and lethargic guy that I have a 39 inch belly. I have killed my immune system because of my laziness. I took my health for granted. I barely go out due to which I get little sunlight.
Because of my lazy lifestyle, I got so serious from covid-19 that I had 12 days non-stop fever, very low appetite and lung tightness. Many times my oxygen levels began from 92-93 and settled around 94-95. I was feeling like hell. This happened in April 2021 when I was not even eligible for vaccines as I was too young (23).
Covid gave me a very tight slap on my face. The lesson I learned is that I have to exercise and stay slim. I have a BMI of 27 (I am a guy) and I have to bring it below 25.
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2022.01.29 11:12 Arnadus PayPal stablecoin: What it could mean for payments

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2022.01.29 11:12 plugindeals Ends Tomorrow! Soundiron Dhol Drum Flash Sale (Exclusive) - 25% Off

Ends Tomorrow! Soundiron Dhol Drum Flash Sale (Exclusive) - 25% Off https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/55-Kontakt-Instrument/8628-Dhol-Drum?a_aid=584befef89914

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2022.01.29 11:12 budgetcooking Under the BQE

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2022.01.29 11:12 noteapps Interesting thread for your Sat AM coffee/tea "Ask HN: Why the obsession with note taking?"

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2022.01.29 11:12 ilsevdh [Official Audio] 누모리 (nuMori) - 까투리 (katuri (feat. 윤세연))

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2022.01.29 11:11 oevansvn Cyberclassic.io Presale Live in 1 hour on pinksale - Certik Audit - Liquidity locked 10years | Rug_Protected - Staking Reward_1500%

Cyberclassic.io Presale Live in 1 hour on pinksale - Certik Audit - Liquidity locked 10years | Rug_Protected - Staking Reward_1500% Introducing the $CLASS Token Presale!
Cyberclassic concluded its private token sale to well-known crypto Investors and venture capitalists which is 5% of total supply and token will be vesting for 4 month time. Token price in private sale as following:
1 BNB = 22575 CLASS Tokens Total 232 BNB raised in private sale.
Holders of CLASS tokens will soon be able to use the token right after presale to stake and earn APY of 1500% on staking platform
Cyberclassic Presale detail
The Cyberclass team has scheduled the presale of its native BEP-20 token, $CLASS, for Jan 29th, 2022, at 15:00 UTC. The presale will have a soft cap of 750 BNB and a hard cap of 1400 BNB. Join presale here: Pinksale
(Buyers can choose to purchase : 0,3 BNB–8 BNB)
Official Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3be661b51ce0d375e3857cfcc1ee5ae3f7060c3b#balances
36% Unlocked tokens reserved for staking reward in staking contract (Staking pool will start once presale is over)
🏆 Already Achieved 🏆
✔️ Yahoo Finance Coverage:
✔️ Business Insider Coverage:
✔️ Contract base audit CERTIK/Solidproof:
✔️ Team Funds Lock on pinksale for 6 month:
✔️ Liquidity will be locked for 10 years :
✔️ Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Discord Promotion
✔️ Youtube/TwitteTelegram Influencers onboard
✔️ Staking Platform: https://staking.cyberclassic.io/
✔️ NFTs mint Platform: https://cyberclassic.io/nft_trait
✔️ Play Game & Earn Reward: https://game.cyberclassic.io/
✔️Metaverse gaming experience review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsPQ8Eq1pyE
✔️Listing on Binance NFTs mystery Box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsPQ8Eq1pyE
🎊 Future Plans 🎊
📌 CEX Listing (Hotbit/Gate.io/Binance)
📌 Partnerships with metaverse related projects
📌 Onboard Venture Capitalists
📌 Strategic Partnerships with Gaming Projects
📌 In game asset transfer
📌 Banner Ads ( BSCScan, PoCoin, DEXTools)
📈 Tokenmics 📈
➔Staking: 36% ➔P0–10% ➔P1–10% ➔P2–4% ➔P3–4% ➔P4–4% ➔P5–4% ➔Presale: 30% ➔Liquidity: 16.5% ➔Private seed funds: 5% ➔Treasury: 3% ➔Marketing/Airdrop: 3% ➔Team/Advisory: 2% ➔ILO Fee: 2% ➔Contingency: 1.5% ➔Ecosystem: 1%
Date: on Market Initialization (30th Jan, 2022) Launch APY: 1500% APY
🎯 CEX Listing 🎯
Date: 1 week after Market Initialization
Possible Exchanges:
  • KuCoin
  • Huobi
  • Gate.io
  • Hotbit
  • Xt.com
  • Zb.com
Game overview
The Cyberclassic game is designed in relevance to the future of technology where all things will be robotics. In the game, players travel to the future in an advanced city where everything is based on robotics. Humans are two no longer all flesh and bones, rather they have advanced their features through mechanical prosthetics and robotics. In the game, players will compete with each other or against the computer depending on their gaming modes to earn $CLASS as rewards and enhance their portfolios.
VIP 1 membership Possession of a VIP 1 NFT in your inventory brings you the benefit of access to all white listings for future Cyberclassic collection drops. VIP 2 membership Having a VIP 2 NFT in your inventory benefits you through providing access to al white listings for future Cyberclassic collection drops. The Silver membership: Each week there will be a giveaway among VIP 2 membership holders. The winner of the giveaway will be choosed through random probability. The prize will be a predetermined number of NFT minting. Each week the event will alter and reset an altogether new rules for the weekly giveaway. VIP 3 membership Having a VIP 3 NFT in your inventory benefits you through providing access to al white listings for future Cyberclassic collection drops.
How do I play?
Cyberclassic is a fiction based RPG + NFT collectible game. The game is a hybrid of the aforementioned gaming models. The game most likely revolves around cyborg Cyberclassic NFTs that compete with each other and are traded and collected. 19 The Cyberclassic game has two playing modes, player versus environment (PVE) and player versus player (PVP). Players will be able to play in either mode. Upgrading in The game is incentivized, so players in each playing mode will be incentivized to outperform themselves. Initially, the game revolves around 1000 basic cyborgs with 80% common characteristics and 10% family centric characteristics that distinguish them from one another. Furthermore, each Cyberclassic cyborg has some enhanced combat abilities that give them an advantage over their competitors. The game allows various cyborgs to compete, allowing for a detailed comparison of each cyborg’s strengths and weaknesses. The winner of the two competing cyborgs is determined based on these characteristics and a calculated probability of survival against the competitor.
About Cyberclassic NFTs
Cyberclassic is a first 3.0 third-person and user-controlled NFT game based on Blockchain. An NFT game that allows players to buy, own, train, and play their Cyborgs in different battles and tournaments to earn and win. It provides a wide variety of cyborg characters on its platform, that too, in the form of collectible non-fungible tokens. These cyborg NFTs are a view of the future, a future of genome engineering, AI, machine learning and robotics. These collectible NFTs are a sneak peek into our advanced research and development.
For more information, visit Cyberclassic.io or Read Whitepaper
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Documentation | Github | Youtube | Reddit | Contact
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2022.01.29 11:11 HiopXenophil [1038] You thought it was a JoJo's reference, but it was him:

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2022.01.29 11:11 Basically_snas [Enemies] we’ve had wall doge, why not have a crazed wall doge? (Stats in comments)

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2022.01.29 11:11 orichim EXPERIENCE PLAYER IN A LAST MONTH

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2022.01.29 11:11 JonathanGaming37 Managed to enter Top 400! Also noticed Minori lying on the ground, so decided to make a meme out of it.

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2022.01.29 11:11 budgetcooking Smarty Cat

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2022.01.29 11:11 dazy92 🔥 Some kind of bugs (?) on the tree

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2022.01.29 11:11 OliviasTravelingFeet Time to get some tan on these toes! ☀️

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2022.01.29 11:11 Leah_UK [question] YouTube Music Download Songs

Hello, I've just downloaded YouTube Music Vanced, but i'm unable to download the songs? Is this normal?
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2022.01.29 11:11 Lionblooded Notifications

I recently figured out how to download Spotify podcasts and playlists to my watch, so I don’t bring my phone to the gym, my phone is about 3mi away, but I still receive emails and Whatsapp message notifications to my watch. Can anyone explain how this happens?
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2022.01.29 11:11 Zhukov-74 Happy new Year!

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2022.01.29 11:11 fasirozott We are building a MULTIPLAYER Sims-like game 🤯 Tell us what you think! 😊 [Links in first comment]

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2022.01.29 11:11 78544a64c58c2a9edba6 Basement lights blink when they should be off, I have no idea what's wrong (more in comments)

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2022.01.29 11:11 Haunting_Creme4456 On being lost in life. No-passion-edition. Unleash your whole spellbook on me, Dr. K.

Dear Dr. K,
Dear Reddit community,
Maybe someone can relate, maybe someone can help, maybe I can just put a smile on somebodys grumpy face. All of it would do justice to this post.
I'm a 20 year old (male) feeling completely lost in life. Everything I do feels like a means to an end. Let me elaborate:
I used to be this one fun guy, who was good in school not putting any effort in it. I did not take myself to seriously and I had the fun of my life in high school. Nevertheless I always felt kind of lonely and had the feeling I was trying to please everyone around me (whole different issue more on that later). It used to make me happy making other people laugh, go out partying, meeting a lot of new people and going to the gym. Now all that got very boring.
I don't want any shallow relationships no more. I want deep and meaningfull connections. I want to help and inspire people creating something meaningfull in life. The problem is I'm not good at anything.
I'm currently studying business administration, which is going just fine. I had difficulties starting out because I was so not used to learning. I'm average right now. Still I'm not sure if that's enough to sell my soul to some big coorparation at the end of the day because their requirements are very high.
I also have a job as a pizza guy, which was a little fun at first and I really needed the money. Now I there is this love-hate feeling towards it and I also don't like being around the people there. I just think everytime: "Let's push through 2 or 3 more months so you got some capital when you move out of your parents house." I'm also scared, that if I do not learn I will end up there with those other dudes working at a pizza place with 30 snorting coke all day.
I'm still doing sports regularly, either going for a run or to the gym. But this as well feels like something I should just do and not something that I'm very passionate about. (It used to be different)
I tried to pick up some new hobbies. For example music production. But it is a very difficult thing to learn and takes a lot of time.
I have a lot of other things I do and participate at, because I used to wanting to compensate for the boring me with doing interesting things in life.
Everyting I do feels like something I should do and not something I want to do. I feel like I live my life just checking of boxes. It has no meaning. It makes no real defference.
I have friends I get along with amazingly. But I still feel alone somehow. They are amazing and funny, but I just want to create something, while it seems they are content with playing video games or smoking weed. I'm not really established in the university social circles because we did not see each other very often due to corona and I'm not really good at nor interested in this online-social-media-getting-to-know-each-other thing. Also I'm romantically lonely (horny). I would really like to feel loved or cared about. But I'm feeling just as insignificant as my life does.
I miss the moments of pure joy and extasis, of happines and careless laughter, of doing something you truly love and believe in. I will for sure not kill myself because I remember these moments all vividly. But I think its very debatable whether the life I live right now is worth living it. This actually puts a tear to my eye.
I'm scared for my futere.
Should I just push through 2 or 3 years of hustling it out so I get good at something, and it will get better when I have a job or get better at my hobbies or find some people I truly connect with on an intragalactical level? I feel like the need to please other people might led to me living this life. Not doing what I want but what makes me look good, doing what is right, making calculated smart decisions.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not everybodys darling. I used to share edgy opinions, party around, I smashed my car doing some stunts and did a lot of other stupid shit.
I actually like what I'm doing tho. But there is no love for anything and no passion, no emotion. I feel dead inside. Is this how life is supposed to feel and I'm just making a big deal out of it? Is that the "responsibilities" you have when you grow up?
This post is all over the place but so am I. Maybe someone can resonate. Maybe noone will. All of it seems like a luxury problem anyway beacause my life isn't that bad overall. Thanks a lot for everyone who can help. Special thanks to Dr. K for his work, which helps out a lot and is just amazing. I don't know how this works or any unspoken rules here cuz I'm new to reddit. So i guess... cya around.
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2022.01.29 11:11 OldSkoolDj52 Convention of States movement hits halfway milestone after Nebraska passes resolution News

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2022.01.29 11:11 mki12 Lpi Finance

I dont think anything now about being a failed in this ICO, I am really sure that this project has the ability to go to the top.https://lpi.finance/
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2022.01.29 11:11 Holzinator007 My life is a lie

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