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DINO BROWN & Alex Nocera & Roy Batty & Don Paolo - Brand New

2022.01.29 09:25 No-Move-4092 DINO BROWN & Alex Nocera & Roy Batty & Don Paolo - Brand New

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2022.01.29 09:25 Palystya R.Studio help needed!!

Have you guys used or have any experience with R.Studio. Please comment or send me a message 🙏🏽
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2022.01.29 09:25 crush_on_camilo I made bruno!!!

I made bruno!!! I made bruno from encanto :3
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2022.01.29 09:25 mostafa_tux محمودزاده: همه تیم‌ها باید برای قرارداد جدید مجوز بگیرند/ قرارداد فکری به سازمان لیگ ارسال نشده

مسئول کمیته نقل و انتقالات سازمان لیگ گفت: همه تیم‌ها و پرسپولیس باید برای قراردادهای جدید خود از کمیته وضعیت مجوز بگیرند.باشگاه-پرسپولیس،محمود-فکری،نقل-و-انتقالات،محمودزاده،یحیی-گل‌محمدی-محمودزاده-تیم‌ها-قرارداد-مجوز-فکری-سازمان-لیگ-ارسال
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.29 09:25 no_username_taken Battery Calibration (MBP late 2013)

If I recalibrate the battery, do I have to continously use it when I have to drain the battery or can I put i to sleep and continue the next day?
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2022.01.29 09:25 kytheon Gilt-Leaf Oracle

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2022.01.29 09:25 MidoH141997 Any advice ? I have additional 2mill

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2022.01.29 09:25 ADASHL9 Hello everyone, check my first NFT it's one of my meaningful works. 😊

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2022.01.29 09:25 mostafa_tux گزارشی ازعملکرد کمیسیون تلفیق در افزایش حقوق و مالیات /‌خالص حقوق‌‌ نجومی‌بگیران بیشتر شد

رکنا : دولت در لایحه بودجه سال آینده افزایش حقوق و مالیات را به گونه‌ای طراحی کرد که حداقل بگیران بیشترین افزایش و حداکثر بگیران حداقل افزایش را داشته باشند اما کمیسیون تلفیق بودجه با استفاده از کاهش مالیات، این رویکرد را به نفع نجومی بگیران تغییر داد.حقوق,مالیات,حقوق-و-دستمزد,لایحه-بودجه-1401-گزارشی-ازعملکرد-کمیسیون-تلفیق-افزایش-حقوق-مالیات-‌خالص-حقوق‌‌-نجومی‌بگیران-بیشتر
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.29 09:25 iiashtl Q: How to plan the trip by European local (not regional) trains?

I once traveled around Hungary, Poland, Slovakia by local trains and buses and it was so interesting despite the fact that it was much slower and a bit more expensive.
Now I (32F) am hoping to travel (on my own) from Spain to the Netherlands, staying in different cities and then taking another local train. I will probably hop on some of direct regional trains for longer distances, but still would like to try moving by local trains. I live in Spain, so I know how to get to France this way.
So my question is: Does anybody know if there is a web page that helps to plan moving by regional trains around Europe?
I would also be happy to talk to someone who had experience in solo traveling around Europe not long time ago.
Thank you!
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2022.01.29 09:25 denis_b Rossi Helmet - Looking for info (comments)

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2022.01.29 09:25 duuhttynapkins Targetpayandbenefits investments advice

Been with the company for a long time but never really did my homework on how this stuff works. Seems like the default is 100% on one particular investment. Curious if anyone has tips or advice to maximize what I can do
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2022.01.29 09:25 March_Explorer When someone tells you that he/she is busy, because he/she needs to make time for more important people.

When someone tells you that he/she is busy, because he/she needs to make time for more important people.
/ 01 2022
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2022.01.29 09:25 mostafa_tux درویش: خواسته‌ گل‌محمدی و بازیکنان به حق است/ همه مشکلات پرسپولیس را نمی‌توان در زمان کم رفع کرد

مدیرعامل باشگاه پرسپولیس گفت: با وجود اینکه مسایل و مشکلات برجای مانده از گذشته برای پرسپولیس بسیار زیاد است اما به گل‌محمدی و بازیکنان هم حق می‌دهم.باشگاه-پرسپولیس،رضا-درویش،مدیرعامل-باشگاه-پرسپولیس،استعفای-یحیی-گل‌محمدی،پرسپولیس-درویش-خواسته‌-گل‌محمدی-بازیکنان-مشکلات-پرسپولیس-نمی‌توان-رفع
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.29 09:25 nem_v_39 Are there any SPOILERS of Saber: Trio of Deep Sin out?

The movie had its theatrical release yesterday.
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2022.01.29 09:25 Serg-L4B5 Hey Recruiters, your advice needed!

Hey guys, your advice needed
I'm a software developer and founder of small tool (Chrome extension) that simplifies daily communication process, the tool audience is quite wide(including recruiters, salespeople and customer support, etc),
I have already started some promotions for recruiters(mostly from my network) and getting really good feedback, so I would like to continue and promote to a bigger recruiters audience.
At the same time I have limited promo budget(to mention the tool is still free), so promoting through FB/LN groups and influencers looks the most preferable way to me, so I would highly appreciate any recommendations in comments - Who is your influencer? What groups do you follow?
Thanks in advance, - Serg
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2022.01.29 09:25 Lui-Dawg Do Icon Owen and Puyol give Joker chemistry and does it increase over time like last season ?

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2022.01.29 09:25 MsuneryTimes Xbox one OG.

Hi guys.
I hope everyone is doing well.
IV been having an issue with my Xbox one power supply "brick".. It's got the Orange light on constantly but the Xbox won't go on, it doesn't even make a sound, not even that clicking/chirp sound.. Nothing..
Anyone know how to fix this? Besides having power brick replaced..
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2022.01.29 09:25 ameierk Gun shop workers of reddit, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve seen a person do/ask at a counter or range?

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2022.01.29 09:25 mostafa_tux 3 و نیم میلیارد تومان در «چتری برای پرواز»/ آزادی 89 نفر به همت خیّران

رئیس هیأت ورزش زورخانه‌ای و کشتی پهلوانی خراسان جنوبی گفت: در«جشن بزرگ چتری برای پرواز» با همکاری ستاد دیه‌ و خیرین بیش‌از ۳ میلیارد و ۶۵۰ میلیون تومان مساعدت شد.bbکمک-مومنانه،شکری،خراسان-جنوبی،چتری-برای-پرواز،آزادی-زندانیان-غیرعمد-3-میلیارد-تومان-چتری-پرواز-آزادی-89-همت-خیّران
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.29 09:25 horrortheateryt Daimajin 1966 Japanese movie trailer Plot: A giant stone statue comes to life to protect the residents of a small town against the depradations of an evil warlord.

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2022.01.29 09:25 Free-_-thinker Which is your emotionally unavailable air sign, you just ignore all red flags for?

There is kinda this thing water signs have with air signs, and I thought it was kinda funny and interesting to see so many Pisces talk about Libras, and Scorpios about Gemini, and in fact, were all my crushes either Gemini suns or Venuses, and my Pisces best friend‘s exes are mostly libras. Idk if Cancer and Aquarius is a thing as well, but I just wanted to know how it is with you
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2022.01.29 09:25 Competitive-Cycle-38 Physiological Connection Provides Evidence For Parapsychology Connection + The Road To Human Development.

The phenomenon has guided humanity throughout history via mythologies.
These nuanced stories with common threads, later lead to religions.
Beliefs lead to actions which lead to Sociocultural and Sociopolitical shifts.
Vallee’s Control System.
As we continue to experience the convergence of the Material and Metaphysical through the expanding interest in Ufology, it’s hard not to ask if the mixed bag of results the phenomenon had on us were perhaps necessary for the advances we're seeing in human development:
The effects of the Control System resulted in divisions via religions, which lead to wars, colonialism, racism, sexism and stubborn beliefs re our differences.
An apparition or prophets w ‘superhuman’ powers were the primary influences for these movements. Accounts which have overlaps with modern ufology.
It is this hostile environment which we still find ourselves in, that has lead towards tech, spiritual and moral advances:
War and defence from those w opposing views was the prerequisite to exponential tech development. Equally we are more accepting of others than in the past thanks to our previous experiences.
Vallee in Magonia and Invisible College explains that the phenomenon presents itself w as much “absurdity” as “logic”, with as much evidence for a threat, as benevolence.
"The Phenomenon Negates Itself."
It’s as if it had to present itself through mythologies first to garner the trust of the layman. It had to present itself as a threat in order to garner the attention of the highest echelons of tech development - defence organisations and contractors. But it had to occur in this order.
[The main idea here is that disclosure coming from the political structures would likely not garner the belief of a population who had no related experiences. We find this problem in those who have not examined the historical literature, believing it’s a staged alien invasion as they’re unaware we’ve been seeing this since recorded history.]
We've arrived at a point where our science has begun to explain the materials and propulsion aspects:
We have the phenomenon to thank for this. I refrain from quoting cases but a more modern example is the dropping of tech around the world and the interference w nukes - taunting Russia and US during Cold War, Skinwalker, Hessdalen, etc...
The Consciousness aspects and the Parapsychological overlaps are too, beginning to be explained w the Materialist approaches which are much required:
[The Big Think on experienced meditators emitting Gamma in wakeful states:]
[Winner of the BICS contest Dr Jeffrey Mishlove compiles interviews w many Parapsychologists who have been studying the overlaps w Ufology for decades:]
In fact when you take a closer look, you realise Parapsychology has more cred and research than Ufology. The disdain of the Materialists to engage in these conversations is detrimental to our development and understanding of what we’re dealing with. Good for lobbying, not for uncovering the truth.
This brings me to the heading of this post. A clear set of explanations will begin to emerge from the Consciousness approach, just as they're emerging in the Materialist fields for the physics approach to acquiring similar tech.
Just as we're seeing in Physics, the data will come with a clear set of rules we will need to follow in order to be Psychologically prepared and morally Responsible with the possible ramifications of Disclosure.
Many in the sub categories of religious beliefs have been claiming much of what is now starting to be proven - from OBE's, NDE's to ESP to the importance of Meditation and Love (research referenced below).
We're witnessing the convergence of Science and Spirituality, of the Material and Metaphysical. Are you following?
We're at the start of a New Religion, backed by Science.
Garry Nolan's research I would argue provides the latest evidence for what should constitute a 'Good Human' - a 'Future Human'. A contribution towards the Science-backed Commandments, if you will, of our new frontiers. Practices that will allow us to attain the next step in Human Consciousness.
Sound familiar?
A modern religion which converges Spirituality and Science.
The latter is proving hard evidence for the path to development through what has till now been described as spiritual/occult practices and beliefs. Need I elaborate?
If you examine the history and take a Sociological approach, you notice the modus operandi has remained constant:
The phenomenon picked prophets and disciples to direct humanity in certain avenues.
It’s always worked this way and is still happening:
Many great minds that have shaped our world have said to be in contact w entities or guided by an apparition, a voice or intuition. A study of the Marian Apparitions is a good example.
More modern ones include Newton, Parsons, Haim Eshed, John Dee, Joseph Smith - who uncovered the “Book of Mormons” after having ufo-type encounters since 14 and influenced many including the late Harry Reid who was part of LDS.
The Nation Of Islam was too formed around a UFO myth - a modern religious movement that included Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.
The list goes on if you're looking through the lens of the Phenomenon - UMMO; The Seekers/Guardians; Uri Gellers Followers; and many other cults that influenced the direction of research and science.
Deep Prasad too, claims to have had what he thinks was an encounter
Many podcasters also claim to have experiences like Jay from Project Unity:
The man that runs the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Institute YT (mentioned by Ross Coulthart) claims his father, a high degree Freemason, brought him out one night where an Orb appeared shortly after arrival:
The Phenomenon picks it's Prophets.
In a Ted Talk, Vallee talks re the importance of science to study what he calls “..strange coincidences..”, following to suggest these could be a form of communication w a higher intelligence, and how people like Carl Jung were experiencers of these 'intuitions and precognitions' (
In the Invisible College, Vallee describes the group as influenced by “Rosicrucian Ideas", who believe that "it’s members posses secret wisdom that was handed down to them from ancient times..”
We can only imagine that the stigma has reduced the experiencers talking re their stories. But those at the forefront of this research have been responsible for much of our current technological achievements (SRI on ARPANET for example, Dee on navigation and spying - the OG 007).
I argue that we are seeing the formation of a body of research which will lead us towards Human Development:
An undeniable set of practices will arise from a movement some researchers like Pasulka correlate to a modern religion.
What we are seeing is the modern Scientific Prophets compiling their work into what one day could be compiled into the Bible of this modern religion. With a set of Science backed 'Commandments'.
Nolan's research suggests to me the importance of engaging in a life that increases the performance of the Caudate Nucleus and it's relationship to the Putamen. Inducing the same effect in our collective psyche that Meditation research has produced. And the same effect the Parapsychology literature has produced - bringing many to related practices of Remote Viewing and related ESP as well as meditation - and the ramifications of these movements affect our collective direction.
As we progress, more signs directly related to Ufology will arise, alluding to practices that will pave the path of Human Development - RV, Meditation, Inducing OBE's and other topics which were as fringe as the UFO Phenomenon.
Whatever the correlation might be to the Phenomenon, the argument can be made that there are great benefits in having the traits of the 100 experiencers in Nolan's research. A short summary of my assumptions below.
To me, research like this is akin to the commandments, and perhaps what is meant by us "not being ready" till we achieve this next step.
“Science works by comparing things that are similar and dissimilar to other things. Enough people were having very similar kinds of bad things happen to them, that it came to the attention of a guy by the name of Dr. Kit Green.” - Garry Nolan
Nolan studied 100 DOD/USG/ Aerospace Personnel who had close encounters w UAP.
Findings show they all had an “over connection of neurones between the head of the Caudate and the Putamen.” (hypermorphism). A very rare characteristic.
…medical records showed they had this trait before their encounters:
(“…something people were born with…”)
On the Caudate []:
Motor Functions:

Goal-directed Action:
“A review of neuroimaging studies, anatomical studies of caudate connectivity, and behavioral studies reveals a role for the caudate in executive functioning…”
“…selecting and successfully monitoring behaviours that facilitate the attainment of chosen goals.”
“(Involves)…selecting and successfully monitoring behaviors that facilitate the attainment of chosen goals.”
The putamen and caudate are also both related to addiction, concentration and reward systems. [think tech and effects on humans].
The Brain Wave State Graph []:
“…reduced activity during non REM sleep” suggests (the caudate nucleus) is active during REM..
Look at the graph, it correlates w intuition, ESP, access to unconscious mind, meditation, “hypnogogic visualisation..”
It will be difficult for many to accept some of the premises here. The patterns are there. What’s important is to remember that the Phenomenon presents as much logic as absurdity - it had to be this way for the formations of religions and so on. Meaning all the minutia within religions are not important.
TLDR: We're experiencing the convergence of the Materialist and Metaphysical approaches to Science. We're simultaneously being presented with the emergence of a Science-backed Religion, with the potential to be the last frontier of such movements. This is resulting in a clear set of practices that expand our individual and collective Consciousness. Just as a clear set of physics is emerging in the attempt at developing UAP inspired tech, so is the same occurring for our Consciousness studies. A clear set of practices are emerging, akin to the Biblical Commandments, that will be required if we are to attain the next step of evolution responsibly.
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2022.01.29 09:25 mostafa_tux قطع دست ساحل خواران؛ نخستین دستور اجرایی سفر رئیس‌جمهور به گیلان

استاندار گیلان با تأکید بر اینکه اجازه دست‌اندازی به بیت‌المال و حریم انفال را به فرصت‌طلبان و سودجویان نمی‌دهیم، گفت: با تشکیل کارگروهی در مرکز استان و شهرستان‌ها جهت بررسی وضعیت سواحل استان، به همه دستگاه‌ها فرصتی یک‌ماهه برای همکاری با این کارگروه را دادیم.خبرگزاری-فارس،خبر،فارس-نیوز-قطع-دست-ساحل-خواران-نخستین-دستور-اجرایی-سفر-رئیس‌جمهور-گیلان
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.29 09:25 Inevitable_Ad3967 Beauty queen

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