Tips for awakening

2022.01.29 10:52 Nicarera Tips for awakening

  1. Do different mindful practices and meditate daily at least two times a day. Train your attention. Once it gets strong you will be able to come back to the present moment whenever you want by holding your attention within your body. Our energy goes where our attention goes. You keep it within yourself, you become stronger.
    1. You gotta have a big desire to awaken yourself, you have to really want it more than anything. Realize that happiness doesn’t come from a great life (when you have everything you want), it comes from the experience of belonging , of love, of connection with life.
    2. Take responsibility for EVERYTHING that’s going on in your life. Your subconsciousness is the creator of your reality. You are the only one who can change/fix your life. Don’t wait until life will make you fix your life (that’s gonna be painful). That’s what it’s actually doing through pandemic. Life wants us to evolve.
    3. Do what you are afraid of, if you feel like that’s what you need to do. Any fear or resisting is a product of your ego. If you want to become a master of your life, stop listening to your ego. Don’t try to analyze things too much, just do it and see the result. Even if you fail it’s ok because you still grow. Everything is hard before it’s easy.
    4. Be thankful for the opportunity to live, to love, to enjoy, thankful for everything/everyone you have right now.
    5. Observe yourself. Doesn’t matter what you do, keep observing your thoughts, actions. Make it a habit.
    6. Remember this is a game (but look how amazing it is!!!). Just another carnation. When your body and mind dies you still stay alive and reincarnate to a next life. There is nothing to be afraid of.
    7. Everything is one. Your personality is nothing more than a concept. You were thought, that you are a man/woman, human, American, John/Mary, etc. When your consciousness will expand you will see that it’s pointless to play the role of person. You are everything, you are not separated from life, you are life.
    8. Energy/light does everything. Every being strives for energy. It goes through everything but our ego creates a shell (if you can call it that way) which prevents energy from going through us. Because we believe in every concept that has been imposed on us. We limit ourselves by believing in everything we think.
    9. There is a way to conduct more energy. And I would call this method The power of giving. Everything in the universe is constantly giving( sun light for everybody, trees make oxygen , etc.). That’s how the universe works. But humans are different. We believe that we can own something and act accordingly. But that’s just another illusion because everything is one. There is nothing and no one here. It’s just another game in our mind (part of the matrix). Anyways people cannot live without giving, they intuitively look for someone to take care of (partner, kids, pets). When you live just for yourself you become an energy swamp. Energy doesn’t go through you. Life becomes meaningless and boring. Imagine that we are cells of one organism. And what does the cell become when it doesn’t want to be a part of one organsm? It becomes a cancer cell. That’s how we live.
    10. We all have psychological traumas and they stay in our body as energy blocks. We get used to resisting reality and that gives us pain that we escape from and hold it with us all life instead of living it through. This is the only way to cleanse your psyche, to become a better conductor of energy is to let it all out. That’s what toxic people try to do, they help us to bring the pain to the surface, so we can get rid of it. But first we need to accept our past. It is painful but it’s a must do thing!
    11. Everything happens for the better. We live like we all know what is better for us. When something unexpected happens we suffer because we resist. Egoism = Resistance. By simply trusting your life/God (That’s how it should be and it will lead me to my true self) we can accept things much faster and just move on instead of suffering/being depressed. That would make life so much easier for everyone.
    12. Future... it can be scary. Yes we want to control everything, even our future. The key is to surrender to the future. The safest place in all the world is in the will of God. And imo it is another illusion of our mind that we actually can control our life. Everything happens for a reason, we just need to learn how to trust and to act when needed.
Don’t try to understand these tips with your mind but rather listen to your heart. When we talk about awakening , what we refer to is being able to shed the layers that we’ve been conditioned with or our past truth or beliefs , which in fact were not true , instead we peel off those layers and we reveal what’s inside of Pandora’s box. If you have any other tips, share them with us!
In our community we have a methodology of how to awaken yourself and we are ready to share it with anyone who strives for spiritual growth. DM me if interested.
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2022.01.29 10:52 throwawayra_rtqab Fiancé wants me to live near his abusive parents

Right now me and my fiancé live in Kentucky. When I graduate from my masters program they want to move to New York. My fiancé’s brothers live in New York as well as his nieces and nephews. My fiancé has lived in Kentucky all his life and he’s ready for a change.
The other day my fiancé’s mom refused to give him his car keys because he left dishes in the sink. This led to a huge screaming match where they were both cursing and calling each other names. At one point my future father-in-law attacked my fiancé. He gave him a black eye and a huge gash that required six stiches. I was at the hospital with him all day.
I understand my fiancé wants to move closer to his nieces and nephews but I’m afraid to be near his parents. And I’m afraid to leave my family. My whole family lives in kentucky. My future in-laws are moving to New York to be closer to their grandkids.Every time I see my future in-laws they try to talk me into moving to New York. My future mother-in-law said that her husband hates my fiancé and doesn’t want a father son relationship. My fiancé said his mother is a narcissist and has stabbed him in the past. has smashed his head against the table in elementary school.He’s also mention that this is not the first time his dad has been violent towards him. Stating that his dad almost snapped his neck once.
He mostly wants to move for the better job opportunities. Four seasons, and be closer to his niece and nephews
I don’t want to move away from my family. And I don’t wanna be a part of his crazy family. How can I be on good terms with everyone yet ask him to distance himself from his parents
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2022.01.29 10:52 cloctor 【一线采访】杭州连夜隔离近万人 惹众怒

【一线采访】杭州连夜隔离近万人 惹众怒


连夜集中隔离近万人 杭州当局挨轰



























大纪元 2022-01-29 古清儿、洪宁
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2022.01.29 10:52 pijiuman Questions on removing trustlines

So, I've received my SOLO and VGB airdrops and have some questions. 1. Is there any plan or chance of receiving more tokens if I keep my trustline active? 2. How do I close my trustline? Do I simply click on the token and then click "Remove"? 3. Can I keep the balance in my Xumm wallet and still close the trustline? 4. Should I have any concerns if I just keep the trustline open and do nothing? 5. I've heard the issuer can take back the tokens at any time if trustline is still open. Is this true?
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2022.01.29 10:52 _Dew_it_ It's day 77 of posting a photoshop until top 10 and today Daniel-san and his son, Daniel-son, are almost ready to fight against his evil rival, the Corrupt Financial System in... The Loopring Kid!

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2022.01.29 10:52 KDRadio1 Rural ham concerns?

I’m a SW US suburban ham who lives in a built up metro area of several million people. I do ok even living in an HOA but obviously my noise floor is not typically very low. Not S9 or anything, but when I head out to the wilderness it’s amazing how much more I can hear on HF, even with ham sticks or a wolf river coil and a few radials.
I’m planning on moving across the country to NC, possibly Greensboro and am looking at properties 20 or so minutes outside of town. Most of the properties are spread out, with parcels varying from 2 to 20+ acres. I won’t be miles from the nearest neighbor but they wont be 50 feet away either.
My question is what are some things I should look out for radio wise? Is anyone in a similar area who DOENS’T have a low noise floor? Are there things I should absolutely avoid like sub stations a certain distance away? I’m not moving just for ham but I would hate to move, put up a fancy permanent vertical with a million radials or a wire a million feet long just to be in the same boat I’m in now. I also enjoy 2m-23cm weak signal/SSB.
Any experiences or tips would be greatly appreciated as mine are one end of the extreme or the other. Neighbors all around or no one for 40 miles.
Note: I do have a handheld spectrum analyzer and I’ve been recording average noise floor over time and on different bands at my current house. Maybe bringing that while house hunting and comparing results would be helpful?
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2022.01.29 10:52 Sorkiy8 Kona West, Kailua-Kona

Kona West, Kailua-Kona Kona West, Kailua-Kona Located in Kailua-Kona, Kona West is just 2297 feet from Mauna Kea Summit and 3.3 mi from Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park. An outdoor pool and free WiFi are features of this apartment. Accommodations will provide you with air conditioning. 75-5680 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, United States of America
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2022.01.29 10:52 tuckedyouin Tips for a new company in Texas

I recently purchased a landscaping/fencing company in central Texas with a small but stable client base. Although I am not new to landscaping, I am new to Texas Landscaping and being a business owner. To anyone who was started their own business, what would be your biggest recommendation for a new company? Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew on day 1? Or anything that helped your company succeed that might be outside of the general "business tips"?
Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.29 10:52 KaizenCyrus 日本語の曲のおすすめ || Japanese songs recommendations

Do you guys know any Japanese songs that at least have a portion (e.g. verse, chorus) which has pretty tame lyrics in terms of grammar?
I'm still reading Genki II and I wanna try out listening, reading, and memorizing Japanese songs.
While in the topic, I recommend 星より先に見つけてあげる (lyrics).
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2022.01.29 10:52 Babybell100 Das Wort vom Glauben

Aufruf zur Einigkeit
Der Leib von Christus ist eine Einheit, einer ist des anderen Glied, wie es uns im 1 Korintherbrief 12 mitgeteilt ist. Um die Einigkeit im Leib von Christus zu halten, wie es uns im Epheserbrief 4 berichtet wird, ist Paulus seine Ermahnung von außerordentlicher Bedeutung und Anwendung [in der Praxis] in der Tiefe des Verstehens.
Die Ursachen für Spaltungen im Leib von Christus sind vielfältig, aber im Endeffekt ist es der Sinn eines Gläubigen, der nicht nach Yahweh Seinem Wort und Wunsch hin erneuert wird und dementsprechend auch nicht danach gehandelt wird, wie es uns im Römerbrief 12 mitgeteilt ist. Man kann es nicht genug betonen. Es ist immer eine Frage von Leben oder Tod.
10) Ich ermahne euch aber, meine Brüder und Schwestern [G80], durch den Namen unseres Aḏon Yahshua Mashiaḥ, dass ihr alle ein und dieselbe Sache sprecht und das da keine Spaltungen unter euch sei, sondern das ihr vollkommen werdet in ein und dem selben Denken und in derselben Einstellung eines Urteilsvermögen.
11) Denn mir ist kund geworden, meine Brüder und Schwestern, bei denen von Ḵloě, das Streit unter euch ist.
Ḵloě ihr Haushalt und deren Anhänger und Anhängerinnen. Frauen hatten eine Gemeinschaft, [G5514 und G80].
12) Was ich nun meine ist das, dass ihr von euch sagt: ''Ich bin von Sha'ul'' oder ''ich bin von Apollos'' oder ''ich bin von Kēphas'' oder ''ich bin von Mashiaḥ''.
Eine Ursache, warum die von Yahweh vorgegebene Einigkeit nicht respektiert wird in vielen christlichen Kreisen ist die Religion, eine von Menschen gemachte Dogmen und weiteres der Unglaube, der zweifelt an die Genauigkeit und Vollständigkeit von Gottes Wort. Das Gott wirklich meint was er sagt und sagt was er meint. Wir lernen nur von Gottes Wort, wenn wir seinem Wort gegenüber sanftmütig sind, es mit dem Herzen annehmen, und auch mal den Mund halten, sondern lernen. Es nicht besser wissen zu wollen.
Paulus spricht hier zu den Gläubigen in Korinth in einem anderen Zusammenhang von Spaltungen, jedoch ist es das selbe Prinzip, nämlich Spaltungen vermeiden, indem wir eine Rede führen und festhalten in einem Sinn und einer Meinung. Denke darüber nach, was es für Auswirkungen auf den einzelnen Gläubigen und die der Versammlung hat! Nehme es genau! Es ist eine bewusste Entscheidung, die jeder einzelne von uns trifft. Das ist Gottes Wort und Willen tun, sein Gebot und Gebote.
13) Wurde Mashiaḥ aufgeteilt? Wurde Sha'ul gekreuzigt für euch? Oder wurdet ihr getauft in dem Namen von Sha'ul?
Lese dazu Galater 3:27,28
14,15) Ich danke Elohim das ich niemanden von euch getauft habe, außer Krispus und Gaios [G1050], so das nicht niemand sagen sollte, dass ihr in meinen Namen getauft wurdet.
Der Gläubige, der Römer 10:9,10 geglaubt und bekannt hat, wurde und ist im Namen von Yahshua Mashiaḥ [Jesus Christus] getauft. Sein altes Leben ist getilgt und er ist mit Yahshua gestorben und begraben und mit Mashiaḥ [Christus] auferweckt und auferstanden zu einem neuen Leben, das in Gnade begann und sich in Gnade fortsetzt, ja er sitzt im Himmlischen durch Yahweh Seine Gnade und durch das Werk Seines lieben Sohnes Yahshua Mashiaḥ.
Ja, Yahweh Sein langgehegter Wunsch und Plan erfüllte sich. Yahshua Mashiaḥ [Jesus Christus] Sein Sohn setzte den Plan und Wunsch Seines Vaters in die Praxis um. Yahshua Mashiaḥ tat alles, was für die Erlösung eines Menschen notwendig ist. Nun ist der Mensch an der Reihe dieses Geschenk dankbar anzunehmen oder abzulehnen. Aber wie können Menschen dieses Geschenk annehmen oder ablehnen, wenn sie nichts von Christus seinem vollbrachten Werk, richtig mitgeteilt, für sie gehört haben?
Wenn Christen selbst sich die Köpfe heißreden über belanglose Dinge, und das wichtigste aus den Augen verlieren, nämlich zu lernen und wachsen in der Erkenntnis von Yahweh Seinen Sohn und in Christus heranzureifen. Eine Gemeinschaft zu pflegen mit dem Vater und mit Seinem Sohn Yahshua Mashiaḥ [Jesus Christus], der jetzt das Haupt der Gläubigen ist. Und wie es seinem Beispiel entspricht.
Sich zu vergegenwärtigen das der Gläubige an Christus seiner Stelle als Repräsentant steht, und sein Werk fortsetzt ist unerlässlich. Sein Wort ist sein Wille an den Gläubigen. Das Handbuch und die Regel für die Aufgaben und Verantwortlichkeiten im neuen Leben gab und gibt er uns für jeden Tag, bis zu seiner Rückkehr. Shalom
16) Nun ich habe auch des Stephanas Haushalt getauft. Darüber hinaus weiter weiß ich nicht, ob ich irgend jemand anderen getauft habe.
17) Denn Mashiaḥ [Christus] hat mich nicht gesandt zu taufen, aber die Guten Neuigkeiten zu verkündigen, nicht mit klugen Worten, damit nicht das Kreuz [G 4716 ein aufrechter Pfahl] von Mashiaḥ in seiner Kraft zunichte werde.
1 Korinther 1:10-17
Wenn du nun das gelesen hast, was verstehst du und lernst du daraus? Was willst du künftig dazu beitragen für dich und deinen Nächsten?
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