I found food! It took me like 8 hours from last i posted, it looks like some chips and canned food. I found some barrels btw, I feel really lucky right now. Thanks for that comment with "do not set aby creature on fire" thing, really thanks.

2022.01.18 03:36 Deltarune_Potato I found food! It took me like 8 hours from last i posted, it looks like some chips and canned food. I found some barrels btw, I feel really lucky right now. Thanks for that comment with "do not set aby creature on fire" thing, really thanks.

I found food! It took me like 8 hours from last i posted, it looks like some chips and canned food. I found some barrels btw, I feel really lucky right now. Thanks for that comment with submitted by Deltarune_Potato to backrooms [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 03:36 Real_Dwight-Schrute Foreigners only policy

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2022.01.18 03:36 NintendoHoe93 I present, my [homemade] Chimi-Chungus. A massive chimichanga filled with steak and mucho queso!

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2022.01.18 03:36 Seeker_Alpha1701 A list of ALL my blog entries documenting reddit Baha'is attacks on us or our opposing their crap.

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2022.01.18 03:36 BurnsX-24 Help me understand what this ad is for

I’m job hunting. I think the job is sort of in my wheelhouse of existence but job ad wording can be confusing.
If you har to guess, describe what this job is: “Responsible for inventory and asset management utilizing computerized asset control systems, facilitating equipment and vehicle maintenance programs, and coordinating daily logistical support in an emergency services environment.
Post-secondary education in Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management or related discipline. Additional training for industry-specific equipment maintenance and repair, such as conveyance equipment and oxygen equipment testing, is an asset. Demonstrated experience working within a warehouse and material-handling environment such as supply chain management, shipping and receiving, or performing vehicle or equipment maintenance. Experience working in health care or emergency services is an asset. Demonstrated experience in inventory/fleet management software, database and business intelligence tools”
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2022.01.18 03:36 Thief-Rick LPT: If a motorcyclist pats his or her head with an open palm, it means cops or danger ahead.

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2022.01.18 03:36 boyinbluemusic trying to cope, wrote this poem today and wanted to share. a reminder that I’m proud of all of you for getting through another day <3

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2022.01.18 03:36 HSudev521 Redoing the DCEU (Again!)-A Green Arrow Miniseries set in the DCEU- PART 2

Continued from: PART I
EPISODE 4: Le Rime
Oliver takes Roy to his new secret base in the old Queens Consolidated foundry in the Glades. Oliver is at the computer when Roy finally wakes up. Ollie says that he thought Roy was in serious danger since they had poisoned him, as well as electrocuted him. Ollie starts to introduce himself, but Roy tells him that he knows who he is. Roy is surprised that Oliver is the vigilante having not had much respect for the man Oliver was before he went missing at sea. Ollie says that his five years on the island changed, him. Roy, intrigued asks Oliver what happened over there. Oliver says that he learned to survive.
In a flashback, Xu Tao trains Oliver to use his bow by making him hit the water inside the bowl with his palms repeatedly which frustrates Oliver who tells him that he has been doing this for months and when he is going to be able to so some actual archery. He says that he has been doing actual archery and hands him the bow. Oliver’s reflexes and tensile strength has improved dramatically, and he sees what Xu Tao was talking about.
In the present, Fyf arrives at the foundry base and is introduced to Roy. Roy sees Ollie and Fyf’s research and immediately recognizes the Carina symbol. He says that Werner had a tattoo just like it. He says that that is also the symbol printed on every Vertigo sugar packet, and all the weapons being run on the streets. Fyf deduces that all these seemingly disparate criminal activities in Star City are all organized under this “Ninth Circle” banner and that somehow Oliver’s family is a connected to it. Roy tells Oliver that he wants to join Oliver in his crusade to help the city. He asks Oliver what the plan is. Oliver says that he needs to find out more gesturing to Drakon’s bullet-ridden laptop that Ollie recovered. Fyf says that Ollie might need a tech expert to help him with the device. Oliver smiles.
At the subway, the police led by Quentin Lance investigate and find Oliver’s arrowheads which matches with the ones they found at Drakon’s docks. They also see blurry images of a hooded man terrorizing Drakon from the CCTV camera. As the media swarms him, Detective Lance declares that SCPD will find and hunt down the vigilante that the media has dubbed “The Hood”. Quentin declares a citywide manhunt for this dangerous criminal.
At Queen Consolidated, Oliver, now suspicious of everyone, is at a board meeting where he pushes the idea of reducing drug prices again. With Malcolm’s help, he is able to sway a few more people. As they walk out, Walter warns Oliver that he is playing a dangerous game as these corporate kleptocrats will do anything in order to keep making more money. Walter and Oliver’s tension increase as Walter dismisses Oliver as a boy which is reminiscent of what Somers told him the night Ollie apprehended him. Oliver leaves the room disappointed. As he goes down the elevator, he gets off on the IT floor and walks to where Naomi Singh sits. He thanks her for her help with the party the previous night, and in their conversation, Ollie casually mentions the Carina and Naomi immediately tells him that it is a nine-starred constellation nicknamed the crown of the night sky. Intrigued, he talks to her further, asking her pressing questions to see if she is trustworthy. After listening to her heartbeats (like how Xu Tao taught him to) Oliver deduces she doesn’t know anything sinister, and gives her the bullet-ridden laptop, in hopes she can retrieve information from it. He gives her the cover story that he spilled a latte on it much to her bewildered amusement.
Dinah is back at McNider Gym. Dinah and Ted then talk briefly about the Hood. Dinah calls him a hero. Ted does not disagree, but he calls the vigilante’s methods brutal. He asks where one is going to draw the line between justice and anarchy. And that people are not always what they seem like.
In a flashback Oliver, and Xu Tao raid Chin Na Wei’s factory. Xu Tao has a shot, but he doesn’t take it. He says that Chin has his daughter. When he went to capture Gaynor, Chin captured him and mad a deal. She would sacrifice Gaynor, a weaker link in her operation if he did one job for her. His job was to gain Oliver’s trust and find out if he knew more than he let on. Now convinced that he does not, Xu has to turn him over. Ollie asks if this was all an act. Xu just stares at the ground, wordlessly. But just before Chin’s men can take him, Xu whispers to Oliver, “Shēngcún”. The men take Ollie to where the other enslaved islanders are forced to make heroin for Chin. Oliver joins the hundreds of people who are tilling poppy fields for Chin’s “China White”, a high-quality heroin.
In the present, Dinah walks out the gym into an alley where she hears a voice and stops in her tracks. Oliver appears as the vigilante, and asks her if she knows if Somers had any business relations with any Vlaatavans (having recognized the accent). Dinah says that he was friends with Werner Zytle, the Vlaatavan royal who runs V+Pharma. Ollie thanks her, and she thanks him in return. He gives her a burner phone in case she needs to contact him. He also asks her to find if there were any business connections between these two and Drakon. Dinah agrees to look. Ollie throws a smoke bomb, and he disappears.
As he bikes to the foundry, he gets a call from Naomi who tells him that she was able to get information off of the laptop. She reveals the laptop is actually owned by Walter Steele and contains blueprints for the Archibald Complex, where the auction for Evelast Pharmaceuticals is taking place. Ollie’s suspicions about Steele, confirmed, Ollie decides to take him down once and for all. Naomi also tells him that she found many encrypted files and she decrypted them. She did not read them because that’s wrong, but asks Ollie if he just made her do something illegal. He says that he would never ask her to do something that her own moral compass would not agree with. She sends over all the decrypted files.
At the foundry, Oliver does Salmon Ladders and Roy tries out archery as Fyf tries to analyze the data that Naomi sending over trying to find a connection. Ollie, Fyf and Roy talk and piece together all the transactions, shell corporations, emails, briefings, details and news reports, sightings of the symbol and they find a global conspiracy all leading back to Star City. Fyf finds some transactions between Drakon and Queen Consolidated regarding Evelast. In the older reports they also see Robert’s photos multiple times. The reports say that Robert Queen founded the Ninth Circle along with an unknown “Magician” to rid the city of crime. Roy remarks at the irony of that sentence- a clueless billionaire tries to “rid” a city of crime by pumping drugs and weapons into the street to destroy innocent working-class citizenry. Ollie is confused and angry. He says that there is no way his father would have been involved in something like this. Fyf says that there is only one way to find out, get Walter and get him to tell the truth. Oliver decides to go to the Evelast auction.
Elsewhere, the mysterious leader of the Ninth Circle, The Magician, flanked by his bodyguard Cheshire, meets with his lieutenants. He berates Zytle for his failure at capturing the vigilante. The Magician then says that he will take care of the Hood himself. He knows who the Hood is, and he knows what weapon is required to take him down.
EPISODE 5: Convivio
In a flashback, Oliver is tilling the poppy field, when he meets Taiana, a Hungarian woman who was trafficked here years ago. Taiana and Ollie talk, and she tells him that there is an uprising going on amidst the workers to take down Chin. She tells him that Tao is a good man who has helped them numerous times and that he only sold Oliver out because Chin threatened his daughter.
Oliver arrives at the auction where Walter and Oliver’s animosity builds up. Oliver follows Walter as he gets into a private conference room. Ollie follows him closely and is about to shoot a tranquilizer at him when suddenly, through the windows arrows begin to fly in. Someone begins shooting at the shareholders. Commotion ensues but Oliver is able to get his mother and a few others to safety. Oliver sends him mom to safety and goes back in to rescue other civilians as the building catches on fire. He is wounded and battered but he makes it out alive. He chases the shooter, and he catches up to her. As she runs away, he notices that number plate of the car she was in.
In a flashback, Days have gone by, and Oliver works on the poppy fields and witnesses increasing cruelty. One day Chin’s men lash a worker for being “inefficient”. Ollie stands up for the man and gets beat on instead. From farther away, Tao watches as Ollie bleeds profusely and collapses to the ground, while everything goes white.
In present day, Walter is nowhere to be found and Quentin arrives at the Queen Mansion to assure Moira that they are focusing all their manpower on finding Walter. Oliver learns that three people including two of his board members during the attack at the auction. Oliver is angry. He calls Naomi and asks her to run a license plate for him. She does, and she tells him that the car belonged to Queen Consolidated and that she has a hit on the car plates. Oliver rushes down to Monument Plaza where he finds the car and its owner in a conversation with Cheshire and a hooded vigilante. He attempts to ambush them but fails. Ollie and Cheshire engage in hand-to-hand combat when the masked mercenary wearing a similar hood to what Ollie wears intervenes and shoots an arrow. Ollie is unable to fend off the both of them when suddenly someone shoots at the masked mercenary. Ollie turns around to find that it is Walter. The shot is non-lethal and poorly aimed, but it takes the mercenary and an injured Chesire off guard. With the mercenary shot in the shoulder, his bow falls down. In the split second, Walter asks the Hood to get into a van with him and the two of them escape.
Ollie is confused that Walter saved his life. Walter says that he has been wanting to meet the Hood because he is afraid. Since his friend Robert’s mysterious death, which was ruled by media as a pirate attack, he has been investigating into his own company. He has unearthed shady dealings in the company accounts with large amounts of money being invested into Evelast, which is why he wanted to buy it. He says that he believes Evelast is just the front for a much sinister organization. When Ollie asks him if it is the Ninth Circle, he says he has no idea what that is. Ollie listens to his heartbeats and know he is telling the truth. He says that after the attack at the auction, he had to learn more, so he snuck on to the truck in which the shooters where escaping. Ollie asks him how he knew how to hotwire a car, and he says that he wasn’t always the CEO of Queens Consolidated and a long, long time ago, he was simply a black kid from the Glades. Suddenly they see the mercenary on a motorbike behind them. Ollie says that he has a safe house they can escape to, and that they can lose the mercenary in the busy streets of the Glades. All of a sudden, their way forward is also blocked by assassins impersonating policemen. They get away, with Ollie dislocating his forearm, but the mercenary makes a cut and ends up in front of them in the road. He a Disc Grenade under at the SUV, flipping it. However, before the masked man gets to Ollie manages to shoot an arrow at him. Ollie drags Walter’s body out and escape through the sewers before the mercenary can recover.
Ollie tries to save Walter. But Walter says that he was stabbed through the stomach with a metal bar during the fight, and it is too late. Ollie unmasks and apologizes to Walter for doubting him. Ollie takes him to a hospital. Oliver then changes into civilian clothes and go to bring Moira to the hospital. He also alerts the cops that Walter has been found. There they see Walter in critical condition. Walter asks for Oliver, and he goes to talk to Walter. Walter tells Ollie that it is alright and that he is proud of him. He then asks Ollie to tell Moira that he loves her. And asks him not to trust anyone. His condition worsens and his heart stops during surgery. After the doctors fail to revive him, his body is collected by Moira. Oliver is met by Andy Hackett who questions Oliver on Walter’s death. Oliver tells him nothing except that Walter said not to trust anyone. Hackett reiterates Walter’s assertion claiming how dangerous life has become. Fyf comforts Oliver. And the two friends hug. They head to the Foundry. Roy tells Oliver that if they keep meeting at the Foundry someone is going to get suspicious. Ollie says that he has an idea for that. He has bought back this factory and is going to convert it into a nightclub Fyf laughs, and Roy talks about how the people living in this poor part of town, the Glades, won't see any of the money. Ollie says that he does not plan on playing the role of a lone white knight, riding in to make everything better, but instead, he wants Roy, a young leader of the Glades to run the place and staff with people from the Glades. Though initially reluctant, Roy agrees. Ollie entrusts the two of them to begin renovations at the foundry and decide to go look for Werner Zytle from Dinah’s tip.
Zytle is at his home drinking and listening to classical music, when Oliver, as the Hood, bursts in through the sunroof. Ollie is surprised by how adept Zytle is at hand-to-hand combat. Zytle tries to inject Ollie with Vertigo, but he is able to barely take Zytle down. He punches Zytle and asks him who his partners are. Zytle says nothing. Instead, he overdoses himself with Vertigo and begin foaming at the mouth. Caught off-guard, Ollie calls 911 and escapes just as the EMTs arrive.
In a flashback, Oliver awakens, he finds Taiana and Xu Tao tending to him. He also meets Taiana’s partner she resets his broken arm. To deaden the pain, she begins feeding him opium. Over the course of several days, Ollie slowly grows dependent on the opium while he heals from his injuries. He recognizes the hunger of addiction and swears to wean himself off the drug. Tao warns him that Chin’s men have probably figured out that the three of them have absconded and that they will be on their way. Ollie asks Xu why he helped him despite his daughter being their captive. Xu says that it is because this is what his daughter would want him to do. Ollie, having gained a newfound responsibility tells Xu that he may have a plan to rescue his daughter. Oliver, Xu and Taiana plan. Ollie goes to the beach with one of Xu’s spare bows. Using was Xu has taught him, Ollie notches his bow, and he shoots an oil tanker. In hopes that the flames will alert Chin Na Wei’s mercenaries and that they will come looking for him. This time, however, Oliver Queen is ready to fight back
In a post credit scene: Zytle recovers but with permanent brain damage. With proof of his crimes, he is sent to the only facility for mentally challenged criminals- Arkham in Gotham City.
EPISODE 6: De Aqua et Terra
Ollie returns home from Zytle’s, bruised and beaten and exhausted. Despite having his family back, and having made friends and allies, Ollie feels desperately alone. Through the window, he sees his mom standing at their family cemetery. In the Queens Cemetery Ollie finds his mother staring at his and his father’s tombstone. Ollie walks up to his mother, and they talk. Ollie understands how difficult it might have been for her. He decides to go apologize to Dinah properly.
Oliver goes to Dinah’s apartment. Dinah is understandably angry, and she lashes out at him, but Oliver gives a genuine apology, and he admits to his mother’s observation that he has been pushing people away. Mollified, Dinah lets him in, and Oliver apologizes again, for being a jerk. When she wonders what he has in a bag, Oliver explains that there was one thing he missed in the last two years: ice cream. He invites Dinah to eat it with him and she accepts. As they eat, Dinah asks Oliver about Sandra and if she suffered at the end. Ollie lies to her that she didn’t. He then asks Dinah about the cop cars parked outside. She tells him that she was looking into Werner Zytle of V+ Pharma and after a recent attack on Zytle’s life by the Hood, everyone advised her to drop the case, but she still going to push her lawsuit against him, and even though she has gotten a couple death threats from his sympathizers. Her father is afraid for her life, and placed her in informal police protection. She says that her father is also afraid that Zytle’s people are going to assume that she works with the Hood, considering many of the Hood’s targets were also people that she was pursuing. Ollie and her talk about the Hood with her making clear her admiration for the vigilante with Ollie taking more of an ambivalent stance. Oliver asks her why she is going after these hard-hitters. She tells him that that is why she became a lawyer to stand up for others. She tells him how winning the Somers case was great for her to be able to land other cases like that. This case was brought to her by an older gentleman who saw her opening statement for the Somers case on TV. Oliver tells her that she has always been the most brilliant person he has known. She tells Ollie that he sounds just like her father. When Oliver points out that Quentin hates him, Dinah tells him that her father blames himself for failing to realize that Sarah was going with Oliver on that final trip.
As they talk, Oliver hears someone outside on the fire escape and gets Dinah to the door. Armed men burst in, followed by the masked mercenary, and the men open fire. Oliver tries to protect Dinah, but the killers close in, and Dinah holds her own. Oliver asks Dinah where she learned how to do that, and she says self-defense classes. Ollie takes on a few of the ninjas while Dinah takes on the mercenary. Dinah asks Ollie where he learned how to fight, and Ollie says on the island. The two of them fight, but the mercenary gets the upper hand and prepares to kill Dinah with a knife. Snatching up a kitchen knife, Oliver throws it across the room, disarming him, and he retreats out the window. Quentin arrives as soon as he gets the call and confirms that the men, he left on guard are dead. He tells Oliver to stay from Dinah. Dinah objects but Oliver tells Quentin that he understands. Just as he leaves Oliver swipes a police radio from one of the dead cops and no one notices but Dinah.
In a flashback, Chin Na Wei’s men inspect the source of the smoke, Oliver jumps out of hiding and shoots the gunmen, leaving them tied up on the beach. Meanwhile, Xu Tao breaks into Chin Na Wei’s base while Taiana tries to free the other slaves. The three-pronged attack thins out Chin’s security personnel and Xu Tao is able to breach security, only to learn that his daughter is already dead. Oliver gets back to the base in time as Chin returns on her helicopter from the mainland. Xu Tao, Oliver and Taiana escape in the nick of time with thirty-two other slaves that Taiana freed. The group is led into Xu Tao’s cavern by cavern by Oliver, and they take refuge in the cave. In the cave, Taiana is reunited with her husband, who thanks a teary-eyed Oliver, who, for the first time in his life feels like he did something good.
In the present, the hooded assassin meets with the Magician at a secret location. He tells him that the Hood is getting too close and asks him to clean up. Get rid of their operatives in town before the Hood can get to them.
At Walter’s funeral Moira gives a heartfelt address. Oliver stands forlorn as he overhears several rich and important guests, including Andy Hackett and Police Commissioner Brian Nudocerdo discuss The Hood and whether his actions are justified. While Brian voices his disapproval of vigilantes, Malcolm notes that the crime rate has gone down for the first time in 5 years. Brian insists that his new departmental policies are responsible, but Malcolm suggests that The Hood has put the fear in the criminal element. Malcolm asks Oliver his opinion. Feigning neutrality, Oliver says the vigilante needs a better codename than "The Hood." Their conversation is interrupted when Brian's aide whispers a message to him and he tells the guests that Hood has struck again and killed mobster, Timothy Emerson, the head of the Bluestreet Gang. Oliver fakes a call from a contractor for his upcoming nightclub, and promptly excuses himself.
Quentin Lance arrives at Emerson’s apartment and meets with Brian Nudocerdo, while The Hood eavesdrops from a balcony. Brian suggests the vigilante is responsible, but Quentin disagrees; the arrows used to kill Emerson were black instead of green, and The Hood had already shut down Emerson weapons smuggling scheme and left him a broken man, killing him now would make no sense. He suggests a copycat is responsible.
Seeking revenge for what happened to Walter, Ollie is desperate to find who the masked mercenary is. The next day, Oliver, Fyf and Roy try to work out who it is by using Emerson’s case. Oliver points out the placing of the three arrows in Emerson’s chest and figures that the killer is an expert archer. He figures the archer used custom arrows that can be traced and tells Roy that they'll get one from the police. At the police station, Quentin receives a disposable cellphone, which begins ringing almost immediately after he picks it up. Using a voice distorter, Oliver tells Quentin The Hood is not a very good nickname for him. He then insists that he didn't kill Emerson, but he needs Quentin's help to track the real killer. He insists that he can go places that the police can't. Quentin isn't interested, but Oliver warns that the killer will likely strike again, and instructs him to call the pre-programmed number if he changes his mind. Ollie then calls Dinah, as the Hood, and asks her if she knows anything about the recently deceased mobster Timothy Emerson. Dinah agrees to look. But as the camera pulls back, we see Dinah has a conspiracy board with pictures of Oliver. Having grown suspicious of his skills and him swiping the police radio she has begun looking into him. On her laptop, we also see a screen capture of CCTV footage of the Hood.
In a flashback, Xu Tao and Oliver talk. Xu is devastated and consumed by vengeance. He tells Oliver that what is happening in the island is not just drug smuggling. They are trying to bring the US and China closer to war by launching a missile at an American aircraft carrier. The drugs are simply a way to fund this. He reveals that his daughter was being kept alive by Chin as leverage against him and that he was rewarded for remaining loyal by them letting let him see her for 5 minutes. He says that him defecting is what got her killed. He got her killed. Oliver empathizes with the man and tells him about his own father’s death. Then he reminds Xu Tao of his own mantra, “Shēngcún”- Survive. Xu had to survive because that is what his daughter would have wanted.
Suddenly the cave is attacked by Chin’s men. The meeting breaks into a fire fight. As they made their escape, Xu Tao is shot in the leg. He volunteers to stay behind and cover their escape. Ollie tries to talk him out of it, but he just wants to be with his daughter. He asks Ollie to survive for him and hands him his green hood. He asks Ollie to carry on. Ollie takes Taiana and other slaves to the island that Ollie first crashed on, which he has now learned is called Lian Yu. As they sail away, Ollie watches as the cavern explodes, seemingly killing his mentor.
In a post-credit scene, Roy finds the stache of Vertigo that Oliver recovered from Zytle’s home for his research and pockets one sugar packet of Vertigo. He slips out before Oliver or anyone else can see him.
EPISODE 7: Inferno
Dinah waits for the mysterious vigilante in an alley outside a Big Belly Bruger to discuss Timothy Emerson. Dinah brings him files and the vigilante thanks him. She tells him that the word on the street is that there is a bigger fish up the food chain of the Bluestreet Gang. She tells him that Emerson was only a lieutenant and the real leader, as far as she can tell, is someone going by the name Brick. Oliver thanks her for her help. She thanks the Hood for his. As the Hood leaves, we see that Dinah has recorded his voice.
Oliver hunts down Brick with Roy and Fyf helping him. Using a software that he has Naomi design under false pretenses, Fyf is able to get into Interpol databases and find out that the “Brick” is a codename used by Daniel Brickwell. Ollie gets to Brickwell’s mansion where he snoops around but finds nothing of value except for a laptop with the same Carina symbol as before. With Fyf’s help he sets up a mirror but is unable to crack the seal. He gets help from Naomi under the pretense that his friend is concussed and needs his password to get into Fantasy Football league. Naomi rolls her eyes but helps Ollie. Having cracked the code, Ollie looks through all the files only to find that there is “meeting” going on. He accesses the location and sees that it is right where he is standing. Oliver realizes that this was a trap and that the Circle must have known Oliver would pursue the Emerson lead and find his way to Brickwell. Suddenly arrows fly in, and Ollie is ambushed by the masked assassin.
Assassin, wearing a mask which disguises his voice, tells The Hood that he's eager to see which one of them is the better archer. The two archers duel throughout Brickwell’s mansion. They seem to be evenly matched, but Assassin catches him by surprise. The Hood is brought down by two arrows to the back. As he mercilessly kicks the vigilante in the ribs, Assassin reveals that he works for the Ninth Circle who are a large criminal syndicate. She reveals that the Underground Men and the billionaires that the "the Hood" killed were only the tip of the iceberg. And now, the Hood is going to die. And he is going to die for nothing. As Assassin moves in to unmask his prey, the Hood stabs him in the leg with one of his arrowheads. As police cars arrive, the hooded man promptly flees but shoots Oliver with a poisoned dart.
Quentin and Brian arrive at the Brickwell mansion after a neighbor called in a Hood sighting. They see the two archers as they fight and disappear over rooftops. Brian asks Quentin to pin this all on the Hood and get it over with, but Quentin feels like that is not the right thing to do. Convinced that both the Hood and him are on the same side against this assassin, Quentin’s stance on the Hood begins to soften.
Oliver pursues the masked man, jumping through rooftops. Ollie sees him steal a motorbike, and he does the same, hotwiring it as he had seen Quentin do before. They give chase in the busy streets of Star City. In the Glades, the man abandons the bike and goes into an alleyway. Oliver grabs silverware from a food truck and uses it as projectiles. They climb roofs and give chase on the rooftops of Star City. Oliver throws a knife and is surprised when the man is able to catch the knife with one arm and throw it back before jumping off of the building. The poison in the assassin’s dart begin to kick in and Ollie can feel himself losing motor functioning, but does not give up. He follows the assassin and fueled by nothing, but his sheer will, he fights the assassin. His mask is torn off, revealing himself as Xu Tao. who Oliver thought was killed on Lian Yu. When Oliver calls out to him, he does not recognize him, but the name ‘Xu Tao’ throws him off. We see Xu’s consciousness competing within his own head as he struggles with his identity. Ollie lunges towards him to stop him from hurting anyone else. Xu tackles Ollie to the ground. Ollie calls his name again. Suddenly a glint of recognition flashes in Xu Tao’s eyes. He recognizes Oliver and calls him Queen. Ollie is overjoyed that Xu is alive. He asks Xu Tao what happened to him. Before Xu Tao can respond, his personality begins to change again. He tells Oliver that “he is not in control”. Ollie asks who is, and if it is the Ninth Circle. Xu says that Ollie shouldn’t have said that name. As Ollie’s vitals begin to flatline with increasing speed, Ollie can barely stand up, but he keeps pressing Xu. Just as his personality shifts, Xu pushes something into Ollie’s pockets. Suddenly, his personality is shifted, Xu kicks Ollie and escapes. Oliver is badly hurt and injured. He is also injected with poisonous curare from one of the assassin’s darts.
At the Queen Consolidated headquarters, Naomi leaves after working late due to the partners dying and get into her car. After hearing groaning in the backseat, she turns around to find the hooded vigilante gunshot-wounded, who reveals himself as none other than Oliver, much to Naomi's shock. Oliver instructs her to take him to Queen Industrial Inc. factory in the Glades, which she does, despite protesting that he "[needs] a doctor, not a steel worker".
When Naomi arrives at the factory, she thoroughly startles Roy and Fyf but the three of them carry Oliver in. Despite her fear of the situation, Naomi helps Fyf operate on Oliver, and they manage to successfully remove the dart from his chest. While Oliver is recovering, Roy comments on her handling of the revelation of the vigilante’s identity, to which Naomi revealed she was already suspicious from the horrible cover stories they told her for the favors Oliver asked. Oliver’s condition worsens suddenly, as the poison gets into his blood stream. Roy says that his father, Raymond is a chemistry teacher, and he can help with this. Roy and Naomi go to get Raymond, while Fyf stays with Oliver who weaves in and out of consciousness.
In a flashback, Ollie and the liberated slaves set up camp on the far side of Lian Yu. Ollie trains them the same way Xu trained him.
In the present, Raymond and Fyf works together to get Oliver’s poison out. Oliver stabilizes for a second before things take a turn for the worse. First, he has a seizure and then his heart stops. As his heart flatlines cut to credit.
Continued in: PART II
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2022.01.18 03:36 Is_It_Beef This is Dr.Nadia Nadim. She fled Afghanistan when she was 11 after her father was executed by the Taliban. She has scored 200 goals, Played for PSG and Man City, Represented Denmark 99 times. Speaks 11 languages ,This week she qualified as a doctor studying for 5 years (whilst playing football)

This is Dr.Nadia Nadim. She fled Afghanistan when she was 11 after her father was executed by the Taliban. She has scored 200 goals, Played for PSG and Man City, Represented Denmark 99 times. Speaks 11 languages ,This week she qualified as a doctor studying for 5 years (whilst playing football) submitted by Is_It_Beef to Damnthatsinteresting [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 03:36 Suvarkinm Nezuko's reaction to when Hashira stabbed her

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2022.01.18 03:36 sleep-over661 FairySwap keeps transaction amounts & types hidden to prevent exploitation from miner extractable value and front-running🧚 Users would not expose their true wallet addresses to conduct trades & hide behind auditable secret on-chain identities🔐

FairySwap keeps transaction amounts & types hidden to prevent exploitation from miner extractable value and front-running🧚 Users would not expose their true wallet addresses to conduct trades & hide behind auditable secret on-chain identities🔐 submitted by sleep-over661 to CoinMarketCap [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 03:36 KurtiZ_TSW You can't park within 6 meters of an intersection?

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2022.01.18 03:36 thinnboi123 Henrik Bergdahl kämpar för att skytte åter ska bli en stor folkrörelse och en självklar del av vår vardag

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2022.01.18 03:36 Saltedline "Korea is One! Tear Down the Wall of Permanant Division, Achieve Peaceful Autonomous Unification!", North Korea, (1960s)

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2022.01.18 03:36 Careful_Equivalent65 Who wants to rate girls Ik and make fun of them if u do what I say I’ll pay u

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2022.01.18 03:36 Keeper-Of-The-Cosmos #RepealBSL

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2022.01.18 03:36 jagspetdog [USA-CA] [H] Local Cash [W] 3060ti, 3070ti LHR.

Hi, Posted yesterday about my dead GPU - looking to purchase a new one and save up for a 3080ti at a later date. Going with a 3060ti or 3070ti. Strong preference towards ASUS or EVGA models (EVGA -> ASUS for myself). LHR only.
Local is: 92122 - I'm open to offers but I'm aiming for reasonable prices - really only prefer local trades.
Please comment before pming.
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2022.01.18 03:36 tal_______ what are some good xiao teams i could make w my characters ? for abyss

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2022.01.18 03:36 BGeom PSA: New Year's Celebration free items are available now (until Jan 24).

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2022.01.18 03:36 Metanni my first office ever, i had to make a video out of it :)

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2022.01.18 03:36 FaithlessnessWild589 Sant rampal ji maharaj ki 🙏🙏 ja

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2022.01.18 03:36 TheAssasin66 Everythings coming together

11 episodes in and its all tying it up. What a void is, why shu was questioning himself why did he even join in the first place. This bioengineering virus crazy organization. This animes animation was ahead of its time. Its a mech anime but its still focused on infantry mainly because thats how you get actual work done and not just big ass mechs. Thats what i really enjoy about this anime. Good change of pace
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2022.01.18 03:36 y4tharth How yall doing today folks

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2022.01.18 03:36 JPPopovich [Recruiting] Popovich Family | TH9+ | Clan Level 16 | War and CWL |

Hello and welcome to Popovich Family (#GYVQY9Q9)!
About us:

At the moment, we are looking for members who can:
(Note: Joining our Discord server is not required but encouraged)
If you are interested in joining us, you can apply in-game or through Discord. Link to our discord server will be given upon request. We look forward to seeing you!
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