Job offer month or two before a deployment

2022.01.18 04:54 Curious-Scroll2020 Job offer month or two before a deployment

Looking for a Reservist or National Guard perspective on this situation:
Finally graduated last May with my undergraduate degree at 25. Been applying to jobs every day since. Gotten a couple of interviews, even second and third round interviews but always ending in rejection or ghosting. Finally a recruiter contacted me from TEGNA, had me take a writing test, and had me pick from a list of locations none of which are within reasonable commuting distance from where I live (CT). Recruiter called back and offered me a 2yr contract for $42k to $43k in Norfolk VA (relocation allocation of $1,500 gross)
Feeling conflicted about taking the job because a number of factors (family, SO, etc.) But the biggest issue is I'm in the Army Reserves, my unit is set to deploy in early fall which would be around 1-2months after the job's start date.
Should I take it? What's been some of your experiences going back to a job following a deployment (i.e. how hard do they try to fire you for being in the military without saying that's why they want to fire you)? Or is it better to decline the offer and try again when I come back?
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2022.01.18 04:54 hollamayy Pre-departure rapid antigen test on Ko Phangan

Hi, does anyone know where I can do a rapid antigen test for departing the country on the island, aside from the main hospital, especially on the weekend?
My flight is on Monday so it is cutting too close if I choose to do it in Samui just before the flight on Monday morning (most clinics are closed from Sat PM - Sunday).
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2022.01.18 04:54 py_sarath_k Fitness: Be A Man of Fitness

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2022.01.18 04:54 Squamoso iPhone12 screen issues

I bought a brand new iPhone 12 almost a month ago but I started noticing how the display was “yellowish” without colour filter… is it normal? And then I noticed that the brightness lowers by itself but auto-brightness, True Tone, reduce white point are not activated and command center shows 100% brightness but you can see it’s lower… is it a common issue?
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2022.01.18 04:54 Arnadus [YTTRIUM] Ladyminers. Price ↘ -2.06% in 5 minutes

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2022.01.18 04:54 Bargeral How to break a rope when stretched too far

I have a rope/chain that is anchored to a static body on one end and a kinematic body on the other. When I move the KinimaticBody2d too far away the rope segments get pulled apart from each other and show gaps between them, but the KinimaticBody2d can still keep moving. Is there anyway to either force the kinematic body to stop or to detect this? Ideally I would want the rope to break if stretched too far. The rope is not going to be straight otherwise I'd use a ray to check the distance. Imagine dragging a rope through a hedge maze.

So It's StaticBody2d>PinJoint2d>RigidBody2d>PinJoint2d>RigidBody2d>KinimaticBody2d, but with more links than that in the rope.

Any help appreciated.
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2022.01.18 04:54 Rifuggiocm Wish I was on an actual date here but yummy

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2022.01.18 04:54 patiagkevs112 Libog libog na ako sayo hannah dela vega sarap mo gangbang

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2022.01.18 04:54 James__McAdam @ewrc_chile - final result of Sanremo : P4 in WRC 2 category. P8 all category. Not bad for a first rally. 😋 Now Monte Carlo. 👀

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2022.01.18 04:53 MachinePata How would you dress if you were a celebrity?

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2022.01.18 04:53 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : Desde la #CDHCM lamentamos el sensible fallecimiento de Fernando Patrón Guerra, padre de Mario Patrón Sánchez, Rector de @IberoPuebla y ex Primer Visitador de este Organismo. Enviamos a su familia y amistades nuestras condolencias. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 04:53 Cr_Meyer Crabs (Pubic Lice)

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2022.01.18 04:53 mamawheels36 How to support an introverted daughter in an extroverted family.

My husband and I have 3 kids. Our daughter is almost 8, and very differently wired then her brothers (older and younger) and most of the extended family.
She’s a creative artistic soul who is very socially equipped and advanced but also cherishes her own quiet time. My family is very artistic and creative and understand her a lot more then my in laws. Unfortunately my family lives 6h away and my in laws live in our town (I only say unfortunately as it’s been hard dynamics lately. I do love them dearly, this has just been tough to navigate)
My husband and I are introverted extroverts but my in laws who live in our town are extroverts. They go go go all weekend… greatest sin is being inside on a sunny day, and spending a weekend snuggled up with our kids binge watching a movie series is like the ultimate bad parenting (note I said WITH our kids…. They aren’t hold up in their rooms)
We’ve had some really tough dynamics with them harping on our daughter especially and us about her lack of wanting to do the things they find acceptable as pastimes. She spends lots of time solo in her room. She does everything from spending hours playing with toys in her own universe she’s built, to building stop motion movies, drawing on her tablet, talking with friends on her messenger and watching tv. We monitor limits on just flat out tv. But because technology is involved it’s evidently rotting her brain.
My husband has had some very direct conversations with them, given them the laundry list of how their comments and attitude will make her resent them and she will remember the passive comments. This all came to a head over Christmas when both my big kids (9.5 and 7.5) came to us in tears over these expectations and pressure on our daughter… big brother is very tuned into her feelings too even though he’s very extroverted. Husband sat down with parents, convo didn’t go well and wasn’t well received.
We’ve reassured our daughter in many direct conversations that she is exactly who she is supposed to be and we love her and her personality as she is! She is prefect and loved for who she is, not who anyone expects her to be.
We try to remind her that she is very much like her aunt (my sister) And that being tired, after school especially, of being around ppl and being “on” is ok! And we reserve weekends for vegging and spending time as much as possible just as our family unit.
She’s incredibly good at masking her introverted feelings when she feels pressured to conform to the busyness of other kids and people. She’s very social, but I know she doesn’t have endless social chips to play each day.
My sister who’s extremely introverted as is my SIL and best friend have given us lots of advice, But we are in a bit of a battle with my in laws over their “concerns”
And I’d love feedback from people who grew up in extroverted families, basically feeling like the more positive feedback we get from others who have dealt with these dynamics the better.
What’s the 1 piece of advice you can give. Something your parents did well or something you wish they had done.
My family understands, and doesn’t pressure her at all to do things. And she’s 10x more willing and happy to participate in things with them because there isn’t pressure to do so. It’s just navigating my in laws that’s hard. My husband is equally frustrated and has managed the conversations with his parents very well… just a lot of stress! We never want our daughter to feel out of place because her interests and personality don’t “align” with the majority.
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2022.01.18 04:53 One_Zookeepergame182 Just your average russian

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2022.01.18 04:53 ComesTzimtzum Monthly budget, Finland, 80% work week

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2022.01.18 04:53 Renegade_11_ Stayed at a hotel, dreams gave me a heads up

Still making some sense of this experience. Stayed at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, room 401. First night, I dreamt of being dragged out of bed by a dark shadow figure. Dreaming, I tried to scream to the friend I was with for help and of course had no luck. Woke up sweating and my heart racing. That following day we had several instances of our phones being thrown from the bed, weird knocks, and our blinds moving despite the sliding door being sealed. Ended up moving rooms after my phone was attempting to type something while we were freaking out.
Still can’t wrap our heads around this.
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2022.01.18 04:53 Ok_Candle607 At hospital, could use someone to talk to to calm me down

I know it’s silly but the hospital scares me, I’m here alone and could use a friend to talk to
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2022.01.18 04:53 McQuibbly Someone forgot a few digits selling a blitzring...

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2022.01.18 04:53 Double-Telephone5023 All churches should be taxed!

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2022.01.18 04:53 thecrackedbead When your beads insist on flying all over the place...

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2022.01.18 04:53 Jocomol Command line tool for looking up the scores of the olympic games

Hello together
The 2022 olympic winter games are coming up and as a swiss this means that its the one time in four years when we can really show what we are capable of. My problem, which is also related to my country of origin, is that I am currently serving in my countries army and with the corona cases rising there is less and less chance every week I can go home. I will probably miss most of the games and don‘t have the time to watch the replays or the best offs on television or in the app.
Now usually I would just look up the scores in an app but also traditionally through teletext (Does anybody remember that?). Teletext is an awful lot like a cli and probably even influenced my love for the command line.
Now my question: does anybody know a cli tool to look up the scores of the olympic games on the command line? I am thinking of something like *top.
TL;DR: Is there a nice way to look up the scores of the olympic games on the cli?
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2022.01.18 04:53 trowawa1919 Activated Charcoal latte's or other foods are disgustingly weird and you're weird for ordering them.

Charcoal is literally only supposed to be ingested if you've ingested poison recently, because it absorbs any toxins in your stomach before your body can absorb it. This fad is gross, and hope it ends soon so I can stop making charcoal latte's.
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2022.01.18 04:53 Historical_Towel7950 Verbally Abusive and emotional Abusive

Hi everyone, have you ever feel abused by your own parent? Well me yes... My dad is really verbally and emotional abuser he keeps yelling about everything even though I'm sick he keeps shouting at me because it's my fault why am I sick and he can't do whatever he wants because of me,, well he only wants to flirt with other girls and for me that's too nasty he's so nice towards the other children of his gf but to his own children he is to abusive he's always mad in a very small things like when I'm studying or at online class he's mad at me because I'm studying see all of them are stupid I don't know why does he keeps being angry and every single situation that I didn't do... He also wasted my school funds so he can give my tuition to his gf see how shitty it is...
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2022.01.18 04:53 Noopmaster690 What’s a movie that’s really bad but has a great soundtrack?

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2022.01.18 04:53 vFokushi I have been playing thourgh the base game and dlc of valhalla and now I'm confused why I'm dont own six abilities. I know I'm missing three from the river raids but what about the other three

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