First self rolled joint, what you think?

2021.12.05 17:21 2500hp First self rolled joint, what you think?

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2021.12.05 17:21 ZookeepergameTotal77 Trulieve cultivar collection sucks.

I have tried both GMO from insa and the cultivar collection by trulieve.
The truelieve version did not smell strong, not much's more sweet and muted and the effects were underwhelming.
Insa's GMO smells really really strong like garlic and onion and the effects were much much more potent than trulieve.
Stay away from trulieve, garbage buds.
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2021.12.05 17:21 rcmastah Anyone else think nights are way too short in FH5?

I get why they were short in FH4 since it was so dark, but in my experience most nights in FH5 have been much brighter and easier to drive in, and it looks insane. I still prefer days to be longer of course, but I wish we didn't get like 3 minutes between sunset and sunrise. Something like 15-20ish minutes maybe.
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2021.12.05 17:21 ZoobBot 190749

This is the 190749th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.05 17:21 _felix234_ I start to cry for no reason

This is completely new for me, two years ago I had some severe depression including cutting but it got better because of my family who helped me through it. Today I already woke up with a strange feeling which I felt through the whole day, it started with feeling empty and ended with stomach pain and now I’m laying in bed and tried to relax and listened to relaxing sounds and out of nowhere I start to cry and I can’t do anything about it. Please what can I do I can’t sleep and I feel like shit. The weirdest part is that I had a date yesterday and it went pretty well so I really don’t know what’s causing this.
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2021.12.05 17:21 Nabil1510 Ayo. New Warthog Propaganda pop up

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2021.12.05 17:21 P_Hecate Antipara vs Steadfast

I was just wondering what the difference between a stun and paralysis is? On the player
I somehow can't find this info anywhere, only information on it's application on monsters

Specifically, is the effect you take from getting hit by certain high damage attacks a stun or a paralysis? That's the thing that affects me most commonly so want to see what decorations to add to prevent that
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2021.12.05 17:21 doggoshill MarketLedger formerly know as Moonx | TG | @Marketledgerofficial | utility Coin for the proprietari all in One Platform.

MarketLedger will become the one-stop-shop for anything Crypto related. With this hugely anticipated platform, MarketLedger will make the process of Crypto more streamlined and accessible for everyone.
MarketLedger Key Features
▪️ Escrow Intermediary Services ▪️ IDO launchpad, ▪️ Buy limit/stop loss trading ▪️ Charting Platform ▪️ Token listings ▪️ NFT Minting ▪️ Multi Language platform (English, Chinese, Turkish & Arabic) ▪️ Visa Debit/Credit Card buying facilities ▪️ Bridge for multi crypto currencies (Poly, Eth & BNB more to come) ▪️ News and information channel ▪️ Smart Contract Educational centre ▪️ Vetted Marketing Services including full scale advertising for tokens/coins ▪️ In house video hosting services ▪️ Full KYC services ▪️ Dext Swap Integration across some chains (Binance, Ethereum, Poly) ▪️ Top gainers token/coin list ▪️ Crypto Crowd funding section
Join our Telegram Community!
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2021.12.05 17:21 Rare_Biscotti3863 واقعا حقه این یکی دیگه بره😂

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2021.12.05 17:21 hoslanmaksucmudur 100 yıl sonra bu postu gören hiçkimse hayatta olmayacak beyler…

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2021.12.05 17:21 sensualsanta Best guidebook for post apocalyptic world building?

I’d really appreciate any advice! This is for a gift. Anything having to do with friendship and relationship dynamics would be another option.
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2021.12.05 17:21 M-AirPilot01 Free Blender Courses in Youtube Arranged! (Zero to Hero)

If you are new to Blender I recommend this tutorial series from Youtube which I arranged like a curriculum. I recommend for you to follow the arrangement. I think you can finish this in a month or two if you are a fast learner.

  1. Introduction to Blender Series (Crossmind Studio)
  1. Animated Content Creation (Crossmind Studio)
  1. Rigid Body Dynamic (Crossmind Studio)
  1. Mantaflow (Crossmind Studio)
  1. CGI for Product Advertising (Crossmind Studio)
  1. Geometry Nodes (Crossmind Studio)
  1. Blender Lighting Course (Blender Guru)
  1. Blender VFX Course [Level 1] (RealityX Light)
  1. Blender VFX Course [Level 2] (RealityX Light)

Supplementary/Extra Tutorials:
a. Lazy Tutorials (IanHubert)
b. All 50+ Modifiers (Daniel Krafft)
c. All 80+ Material Nodes (Daniel Krafft)
d. Every Compositor Nodes (Daniel Krafft)
e. Rig Any Character (CG Geek)
f. Compositing in Blender for Blender for Beginner (Ryan King Art)
g. Wild Tricks for Greenscreen (Ian Hubert)
h. Blender Motion Tracking - Room Transformation (IanHubert)
Unedited Version:
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2021.12.05 17:21 AxelNova_12 [Cosplay] Venti Cosplay - hi guys, wanted to share with you this pic that I did with a friend as Venti during the last Comic-Con that we did... Really wanted to give this pic that lightweight " feeling " so I hope I managed to do that. Hope you guys like it and if not let's discuss

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2021.12.05 17:21 Large_Bit5589 Skipped stiches

I’m having some issues with stitch skipping. Mostly just my blind hem stitch. I’ve been trying to make these pants for weeks but everytime something happens with the stitching & I’m overwhelmed. I’ve gotten a new needle & different needle for the material. I’ve cleaned my machine & redid the thread. I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong
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2021.12.05 17:21 notthatintoprince Book of Christmas Carols with Roman Numeral chords?

I want to write out Christmas carols but with just the lyrics and chords in Roman Numeral form.
I'm afraid to spend time on this if someone has already done it but I can't find it by googling.
Do you know of any book, pdf, website or whatever that already has this?
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2021.12.05 17:21 UdemyCouponsMe Supply Chain Management : Inventory Management And Control

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2021.12.05 17:21 Comprehensive_Love20 Is it just me, but does anyone else have odd crypto purchases in your wallet that you don’t ever recall purchasing?? There are micro amounts of odd coins I didn’t buy on my end … almost like they gave them to me or something … less then $1-2 of each. Very odd

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2021.12.05 17:21 MichaelGaryScott5 What city exceeded your expectations the most when visiting?

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2021.12.05 17:21 Everyday-HereOH Reminder: milestones don't always follow the timeline and that is okay.

Milestones are more a guideline. It is good to be aware of, it is good to check in with a doctor if they aren't happening.
BUT they aren't all musts.
Example: my 7 month old doesn't roll back to belly. She does sit unassisted. Behind in one area, advanced in another.
Just remember every tiny human is different.
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2021.12.05 17:21 Lotusthebob Lian Event Discussion and Leveling Priority

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2021.12.05 17:21 dalbeattie-lk8161 [R] Sports bra/crop top sports bras for MtF

I am 35/MtF, based in the United Kingdom, looking for any of these:

Only within UK. I won't be able to pick them up for a while due to not being able to work and items will have to be sent to my deadname to pick up post since I'm not fully out yet.
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2021.12.05 17:21 6ghost6baby6 ily to every one in this sub whos always so nice to me every time i post <33 ur all so kind

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2021.12.05 17:21 OurSpeciesAreFeces Smoked wings - and now Sunday is the best day

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2021.12.05 17:21 9to5FightShow Charles Oliveira vs Dustin Poirier Fight Breakdown for UFC 269
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2021.12.05 17:21 SeaworthinessRare497 Help me figure out which bait is better to fish with? What do these designations mean in the book?

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