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Check out my EventLab blueprint, based around putting all the Civic generations head-to-head in a street race!

2021.12.05 17:11 box-fort2 Check out my EventLab blueprint, based around putting all the Civic generations head-to-head in a street race!

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2021.12.05 17:11 westendian 49 m, hello to everyone

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2021.12.05 17:11 ronedog78788 Join the Vip teen leaks Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 17:11 PajamaGuardianUrgot Max Verstappen is a danger to F1

Between his reckless driving (slowing down in the middle of the lane), unsportsmanlike conduct (just striaght up leaving the podium after losing, something other F1 drivers just buck up and do), and complete lack of knowledge regarding the rules (not knowing the 10-car lengths rule doesn’t apply on VSC) Verstappen needs to seriously take a step back and calm down. I’m all for this tight drivers championship, I’m an Alpine fan so not much to cheer for there, but at least Hamilton is maintaining his composure. Max fans are probably gonna defend his every move, but if you know F1 more than just the Netflix era you know Verstappen’s actions should not be tolerated
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2021.12.05 17:11 jumpfordespair Those who live alone, does it get lonely?

This is a question for those who moved out of their parents house and don’t have live with their SO. I was thinking about moving out but I am single and I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it as much as I’m thinking. I know there will be perks for sure like having my own space, working on myself (not sparingly like I do at home), having a change, taking more control of my life and figuring myself out an all that. Then I was hoping to search for a partner to marry. I’m in my late 20s so I feel like I need to hurry up and take some action. The only thing bothering me is being alone and feeling lonely. I already feel that way at home for the most part but I still have family here I can be with at least. If I leave I’ll have no one and have to “start over”. I was walking around the city by myself earlier getting some food thinking I’m going to be doing this when I move out and it’s pretty lonely :/ I have some friends in the area I hang out with once in a while but I still feel lonely with them sometimes lol. In my previous relationship I didn’t feel lonely but after a while I kind of started to as well. Lol I think I may have a separate issue with my emotions but I’m not sure if living alone will solve my problems either. I don’t know I guess I just want to know how it’s like and how you adjusted to being alone.
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2021.12.05 17:11 Skuller_Of_Wedges New Melting Video Dropped

"Welder Destruction". Fun one.
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2021.12.05 17:11 storyheller 3GB of ram, ~300MB free, apps always killed after leaving them,

Hi! I know 3GB of RAM isn't a lot but I feel like I still shouldn't be having this problem. I'm running the latest version of Pixel Experience on the Moto g6 and System is using 1.8GB of ram, apps using 800 - 900MB, and im left with 300 - 400MB free. If I'm on reddit and go respond to a text then reddit will start from the top, that's not much o f a problem but recently I was trying to get an Uber and needed a code, I go to my email to get the code and Uber app has reset needing a new code, I ended up not being able to order an Uber when I needed it.
I know a solution would be to get a new phone but I'd p refer if possible to keep using this until I can't anymore. I've uninstalled Greenify and Naptime, I was using Kernel Auditor to change CPU/GPU to powersave but they're now on performance, I havent messed with the low memory killer settings in that app but I have given the maximum amount of virtual memory (though I think virtual memory doesn't really help much I believe?)
Any help is appreciated
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2021.12.05 17:11 lombinho_walker EU ME APAIXONO MUITO RAPIDO aaaaaaaa

Sempre que eu conheço uma menina e começo a conversar com ela, minha mente ja imagina eu ficando com ela e essas coisas. E isso simplesmente é horrível e odeio ser assim. Não sei pq isso acontece, eu sou muito emocionado vsf. Alguem que passa ou ja passou pelo mesmo, ou simplesmente tem alguma dica de como para de ser assim, por favor comenta.
Obs.: n sei se isso tem haver, mas sou ja tenho 17 anos e ainda sou bv
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2021.12.05 17:11 Ter551 Hamilton and Verstappen are tied on points before season finale!

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2021.12.05 17:11 ann8877 What is going on ! I (f27) no longer can understand him (30) anymore !!!

Not too familiar with Reddit, apologies in advance for the long text.
Together 5 years officially this month, we’ve had an unsettling relationship the past year he was on/off with me and seeing other females. He lived aboard for the past year for work he returned a week ago he apologised. He said he wants to reconcile our relationship to be together again in the near future.
He said he cheated multiple times because he didn’t feel wow wow wow about me, and had I made him feel more excited or happy then he would’ve never committed those things. He apologised for saying that too, after he saw my reaction. I was broken. We’ve spent time together on a few occasions since his return he has been incredible.
BUT, he said he will need to ‘see’ himself wanting todo the things right for us. In the mean time it’s not an obligation to see each other. He needs to ‘see’ himself wanting todo the things right because he doesn’t want to hurt me... on messages he treats me with such hostility. Wtf is happening.
How do you restore and reconcile a healthy relationship with this behaviour. So I’m a possibility a side reserve ? What is going on. 5 years later, should he not make a concrete decision now ? 5 years later do I not deserve all his efforts ?
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2021.12.05 17:11 impcea What can you buy with szép card in Prima?

Hi all! I work in Budapest and got a szép card. Money is in Vendéglátás pocket so I can order food (since I mostly work from home). I understand that in Prima shops (for instance in Corvin) I could buy things like fruits, vegetables, milk and stuff like that with the szép card, but not chicken (from the butcher's) or eggs. They even accept szép for chocolate, chips and other snacks. I do not know if I can buy bread, frozen food (like frozen pizza) or bags of rice, noddles and similar?
I went once to the Prima shop to test what I could buy and asked the lady at the counter for help, but I would like to find out if there is a list somewhere what can be bought with szép or do you all have some suggestions and experiences to share?
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2021.12.05 17:11 AoCCoM In the future of my Overlord X Ben 10 crossover, I'm thinking about upgrading the Omnitrix, weilded by Shalltear, and mixing some Overlord powers into it, these are basic ideas, but I'm happy to hear your suggestions/advice~

New Omnitrix Upgrade In The Future~ (Unsure if the watch should be renamed 'Shalltrix', 'Teartrix', 'Bloodtrix', 'Fallentrix' or 'Nazartrix')
/Class Identification\ -Before Upgrade: World Class Item.
-After Upgrade: Universal Class Item.
/Design\ -Looks similar to the A.F Omnitrix, but replace all green with purple, black with blood red, and all silver with pink white.
/Original & Normal Features\ 1. 10 Transformation: 10 basic transformation to choose from.

  1. A.I: A super computer inside the watch that can do a lot and even think for itself.
  2. Universal Translator: Make anyone and anything easier to understand.
  3. Teleporting: Type in specific locations and it will teleport them their.
  4. Create New Or Extinct Aliens: With the help of the DNA stored in the watch, it is possible to achieve this.
  5. Recharge: On average, around a few minutes.
  6. Self Destruct: If charged up to the max, it can destroy a universe.
  7. Healing/Revive/Rewite DNA: Using DNA stored inside to help make this possible.
  8. DNA Scan/Sampling: If a unknown DNA is not in the Watch, it will be scanned and sampled and saved.
  9. Master Control: Unlock every alien and features and can use them all with a simple thought.
(You can find more things a normal omnitrix can do on google if you need more info)
/New Features\ 1. Power Level: Instead of age to determine a transformation power, instead it's their 'Level', for context, Level: 1 is someone at their absolute prime.
  1. Power Scanning/Sampling: Can copy anyone unique abilities, like time travel, magic, laser eyes, etc.
  2. Creation: Can create a body, clothing, weapons, items, etc, thanks to all the DNA and power in the watch.
  3. Mana/Magic Power: The watch is powered by the user's Mana/Magic.
  4. Magical Aliens: Each transformation is given a special power up, like HeatBlast gets fire magic and FourArms gets strength magic.
  5. Fail Safe/Protection: The Watch and the User is immune to almost anything.
  6. Hands Off Transforming: Simple voice command is enough to transform.
  7. Edit: Can edits someone DNA or even someone programming.
  8. Sharing: The user can share the watch with anyone they allow, and can decided what they can use and how long they can use it.
  9. Transformation Infinity: Stays in their original form, but now has all the power all at once from all the transformation, and no longer has any limits.
(Maybe I'll add more in the future)
/Weakness\ 1. Animal Instincts: Examples of this would be Bill Chill and his asexual breeding.
  1. Limited People To Scan: Cannot acquired DNA from people like Pandora Actor.
  2. Limited Power: Certain transformation cannot use certain abilities, like HeatBlast can't use Ice Magic and FourArm can't use speed magic.
  3. Time/Reality Manipulation: Gotta be as strong as Alien X to even hurt the user.
  4. Power Levels: Level 1 is weaker than Level 2.
  5. Injuries: If not healed immediately, or depending how serious the wound is, it will remain even when transformed into or out of the original form.
  6. Creation Drawbacks: A galaxy with take 75% Power.
  7. After Rapidly Changing: Will drain the power faster.
  8. After Using Master Control: Will take 30mins to recharge.
  9. After Using Transformation Infinity: Can only last 1-10 minute, will damaged both the watch and user, and will take a whole Year for the watch to fix itself and recharge.
(I'll probably add more weakness in the future)
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2021.12.05 17:11 SteveRogers1974 Took 200mg 2 hours ago and feel absolutely nothing

I dont feel anything. Should I try 50mg more or give it some more time? I feel like i can take a nap right now cause it usnt keeping me alert at all...
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2021.12.05 17:11 Vuaruteru My shelf is in progress!

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2021.12.05 17:11 4shur4 Zatanna

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2021.12.05 17:11 BordoHokage Whoever did this does not like typo

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2021.12.05 17:11 dgr8one Chris Godwin is dealing with an injury. Mike Evans might also have an issue

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2021.12.05 17:11 _mark_e_moon_ Caught In A Sunbeam - AR7iii - Sony 85/1.8. I am loving this lens...

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2021.12.05 17:11 Ganesha811 [Wikipedia] E-girls, ahegao, ulcers, and more - what belongs on Wikipedia's main page?

>"How did this get here? horny jail bonk" - A Wikipedia User, November 2021
Introduction Wikipedia's Main Page is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Averaging around 5.3 million views per day as of this month, it's a starting point for journalists, 5th graders during research projects, and the incurably bored sifting through the world's knowledge. The main page has been described as a public commons, the "village square of the Internet." So some users were surprised, to say the least, when they opened Wikipedia on November 20th, 2021 to find a looping gif of a woman pretending to have an orgasm. Predictably, all hell broke loose. (Or at least as much as hell can break loose on an encyclopedia).
Let's back up a second. Ever since Wikipedia was created, it has been animated by the fairly utopian principles of Web 2.0. The idea that social collaboration can create a universal, neutral, useful encyclopedia that's still open to anyone to edit is a radical one, and has been discussed continuously for two decades now. One of the principles that undergirds the encyclopedia is that it is not censored - but how far does that extend when it comes to the main page?
"F*ck" - the two battles of 2014 Today's Featured Article (TFA) is the most prominent spot on Wikipedia's Main Page, spotlighting one extremely high-quality article for display each day. To get an article to "Featured" quality is hard enough, and getting your featured article on the Main Page is considered a high honor. On March 1st, 2014, the featured article was Fuck)), a 2005 documentary about the history of censorship. The response was mixed, to say the least.
The first user to reply asked " What on Earth is everyone thinking putting that inappropriate title for the FEATURED ARTICLE today?!! You guys know that little kids and schools use Wikipedia trusting that it is a safe and reliable resource. Can someone tell me what in the world they were thinking?" A variety of rejoinders poured in - that it's important for kids to learn about freedom of speech, that there was far more offensive content elsewhere on Wikipedia, that the famously foul-mouthed George Carlin would be proud.
But it seemed that many long-standing editors and anonymous readers alike agreed that "Fuck" didn't belong so prominently on the Main Page. They called it "incredibly bad judgement", "filth", and swore they would never donate to Wikipedia again. The debate was heated. When one reader wrote " "You guys know that little kids and schools use Wikipedia", another editor responded "On school on a Saturday? Fuck 'em."
In the end, 24 hours passed, the article was replaced by another on the Main Page, as per usual, and the debate was closed - without any sort of conclusion one way or another.
8 months later, one brave soul decided to nominate another featured article to appear on the Main Page - Fuck: Word Taboo and Protecting Our First Amendment Liberties, a 2009 non-fiction book by a law professor. The November nomination, for a December slot, provoked one of the longest discussions in Wikipedia's history. Coming in at 26,483 words, the argument was 19 times longer than the article it was about, and nearly 40% as long as the actual book itself. In the end, the discussion was closed by an experienced user (a "coordinator" for Today's Featured Article nominations). The closer posted a 1300-word essay which concluded that the article should be allowed to run on the main page. They then promptly resigned as a TFA coordinator.
Once again, the larger question of what was allowed on the main page was left unresolved, but there was no doubt that Wikipedia's anti-censorship instincts had prevailed in this battle. The article ran on December 15th, 2014.
Buruli ulcers - medical gore on the Main Page As the years passed, various other issues popped up about content on the Main Page, but nothing provoked a major response until March 24th of this year, the day that Buruli ulcer was that day's Featured Article. This nasty infectious disease causes open wounds and ulcers, eating away at a person's flesh. The featured article is always accompanied by a picture, and on that day, the picture in question was a collage of three ulcers, close up and personal (link to image - warning, this is really an unpleasant picture).
Discussion began almost immediately. A number of users expressed concern - "just because you can do something doesn't mean you should," said one, and that seemed to sum it up. The nominator, however, did not take kindly to the suggestion that the image be swapped for an alternative, suggesting that their pro-censorship opponents might lack compassion for sufferer's of the disease. This did not go over well. In the end, it became clear that the consensus of editors was that while Wikipedia is still not censored, that doesn't mean it's here to shock unsuspecting readers, either, and the image was swapped out for its mundane replacement.
For the third time, no policy was put in place to govern what belongs on the Main Page.
(Note: I participated in this discussion with a single short comment, which no one responded to. This was the only discussion in this Drama in which I was involved in any way).
Belle Delphine pretending to have an orgasm This brings us, at last, to Belle Delphine. For those who don't know who Belle Delphine is (a group which until I started this write-up included me), she is an Internet celebrity known for her e-girl persona, a subculture which pulls heavily from video games, anime and manga. Building up her career on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, she was known for her strongly flirtatious style, constantly hinting at sexual content, but never crossing the line into pornography.
In 2019, she attracted a good deal of attention for selling "GamerGirl Bath Water", $30 jars of water that she claimed to have taken a bath in. This sold out immediately (note: gotta respect the hustle here). Shortly thereafter, her Instagram account was banned. In 2020, Delphine decided to begin producing explicitly pornographic content, starting an OnlyFans account and sharing homemade hardcore pornography. She has often been described as a troll, and even a performance artist.
One of Delphine's signature moves is her "ahegao" face. Ahegao is a form of Japanese pornography centered on the face of a woman having an orgasm. Usually found in anime, Delphine's ability to replicate this look in real life was thought to have a lot to do with her popularity, even pre-porn.
The Wikipedia article on Delphine was recently promoted to "Good Article" status, meaning it was eligible to appear on the main page in the "Did You Know" section. "Did You Know" takes 5-7 articles each day, either new or newly improved, and promotes them with an catchy "hook" that is intended to draw readers in. While not nearly as big a deal as Today's Featured Article, it's still considered a worthwhile accomplishment for a Wikipedia editor to get one of their articles to DYK.
The article was promptly nominated for DYK, reviewed by an second editor, and promoted by a 3rd for a November 20th timeslot. The reviewer commented hopefully that "given the [sexuality topic], I think there's a very solid chance this could become one of the top-performing DYK hooks of all time."
The DYK ran on November 20th, with the hook "Did you know that Belle Delphine's online popularity surged after she replicated the orgasm faces featured in Japanese manga?" and with the accompanying gif (somewhat NSFW).
Two different discussions immediately sprung up, one on the "talk" page for DYK, and one on the "talk" page for the Main Page. Reception was... polarized.
"In the name of Jesus H. Christ, when did wikipedia become a place for such idiocy?", wrote one editor. "What the fuck is this?" asked another, concisely. A third editor noted that it had been chosen specifically to drive traffic, which "is an incredibly worrying precedent for Wikipedia." Wikipedia's gender disparity was brought up (male editors vastly outnumber women) - did this kind of thing contribute to that well-known problem?
Some editors saw no harm. "It is a fully clothed woman making a funny face", said one, adding that pulling the gif without a policy-based argument would "make a mockery of WP:NOTCENSORED." Another editor chimed in that "I found the little movie not only harmless, but rather charming. It's a bit of fun that made me smile." In response, he was told "There are plenty of other websites that can provide you with that type of fun."
Meanwhile, a group of editors were waylaid into a side argument over whether Delphine "replicated", "parodied", or "mocked" the ahegao face - what word was best? After nearly a thousand words of discussion, one editor suggested "mimicked", which was adopted with unanimous acclaim.
The editor who had "promoted" the hook fell on the sword, posting a sincere apology:

I knew inside that I gave it an image slot because i was banking on a cheap hook that looked to shock instead of inform to try and get attention. I let an insubstantial and tasteless hook get the better of my judgement, and I, for one, am not letting that happen again. Not about to start censoring hooks, but come on—there were plenty of opportunities for us, for me, to make this right. We have a social responsibility at DYK, and here, the review process failed to meaningfully take it into account. I have more thoughts, but to prevent this from becoming a rant, i'm just going to leave it at "promoting this hook, particularly to the image slot, was a careless and shortsighted choice that I apologize for."
While their apology was appreciated by the anti-gif contingent, the debate raged on. As is typical of Wikipedia, precedent was endlessly cited. Not only were the two "Fuck" discussions of 2014 brought in, but so were previous DYKs on thirst traps, Napoleon's penis, and nude women). Various policy essays were brought forth, re-read, and discussed. In the end, 12 hours passed, the gif left the main page as scheduled, and the matter was mostly closed.
Conclusion There is still no clear policy regarding what is acceptable for the main page. I have no doubt that Wikipedians will still be arguing over the issue when the Sun slowly consumes the Earth 3.9 billion years from now. Wikipedians love to argue. As has been said before, it's lucky that Wikipedia works in practice, because it sure doesn't work in theory. However, one important change has been made. A section titled "** 'Not censored' does not give special favor to offensive content**" has been added to the Wikipedia policy on offensive material, and is linked to with the special shortcut WP:GRATUITOUS.
NOTE: This is my first ever HobbyDrama post, so please let me know if there's anything I missed or that could be improved.
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2021.12.05 17:11 mwfreebies FREE Enfagrow Toddler Formula Samples!

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2021.12.05 17:11 goodlelo Change in profession

Hi guys, so I have been a sales rep for some time. I have been successful and had some great times. No doubt. It can be very exciting and you can learn a great deal of things regularly.
But I already got to a point were I am not so sure anymore, that I want to work in this field for a long time to come.
What alternatives are there for someone like me? Maybe something more peaceful 😄 less stressing. I am smart and a really fast learner. Therefore if i get a food in the door, I will succeed.
Happy about suggestions :)
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2021.12.05 17:11 eogreen Those two missing bottles are making me tetchy

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2021.12.05 17:11 YugoslavianPickles Hubert HurCats

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2021.12.05 17:11 Borjair How do you get the WSS avatar? Sorry if this is a bad question or posted elsewhere, I appreciate it

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2021.12.05 17:11 Soukary This building infuriate me…

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