Help distinguish 4 zone or per key RGB on M17 R3

2021.12.05 16:57 swhoelefp69 Help distinguish 4 zone or per key RGB on M17 R3

Seller has new unopened box and doesn't know what type of RGB this M17 R3 has. Can anyone help? There is no build spec sheet available.
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2021.12.05 16:57 samrae88 The Storm

Hi, I had a dream last night and I told my husband all about it this morning. He sent me here and told me I should share it with you. My dream started off with my husband and I traveling down the coast. It was an overcast day with gray skies but we didn't think much of it. We stopped at a beach and sat down in the sand and looked into the distance. A very large black cloud started to form over the water and the people around us didn't think much of it. Deep down I felt fear and knew it was more than just an average storm. I knew we had to get to safety so I told my husband and we ran to the nearest building to hide. The minute we entered the building it felt like a bomb went off and the storm destroyed everything around us. Shattered glass, wood breaking, things flying but somehow we survived. I kept thinking over and over we where going to die. When it was over we decided we needed to get far away from the area in case the storm kept happening. We traveled north but the storm kept following us. Every day we ran and hid from the storm wondering if it would ever stop destroying the earth. Everyone around us died or was swept up by the storm. My dream somehow fast forwards years later and we start hiding and running with a family with like 4-5 kids. These kids were born into this world where their entire life revolved around hiding from this storm. They were so tired of hiding all the time that one by one they would give up and walk straight into the storm. I would watch as they would get swept away. I felt almost jealous that they had the bravery to just let it all go and let the storm happen and kind of give up. One day I decided I wanted to give up too and started walking out of hiding as the storm started to approach. Before the storm could reach me one of the children that had been swept away appeared in front of me. I was terrified and shocked and I was like how are you still alive?? The child told me that even though the storm took them him it made him stronger. He was like floating in the sky and basically super human at that point. I asked about the other children and asked why they weren't back and he said that they just didn't want to come back. He showed me that even though the storm was powerful and terrifying it wasn't the end of life. My fears of the storm ended and I knew I would be okay even if the storm took me one day and I felt so much relief. Then I woke up... ***I honestly have no idea why I had this dream... this isn't supposed to be an analogy of COVID and I believe strongly in vaccinations, masking, social distancing, etc to keep us safe. In no way do I believe being reckless and endangering other people is okay. I think I have just been struggling with a lot of fears in my life lately and maybe this was a way that my brain was trying to help me see that it was going to be okay in the end. Thanks for reading my dream story, I hope it might be able to help anyone struggling with fears+ anxieties in their lives***
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2021.12.05 16:57 jtown82 Manaform hellkite in izzet control shell?

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2021.12.05 16:57 Gageb95 Solving my 6x6 morphix edges first. I love the way this looks

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2021.12.05 16:57 vasjuk I wish there is demand to watch anime first before watching live action show.

So, I just finished the live action show on netflix (fast forwarded 70% of the show, fast forwarded 100% scenes Julia was in), and GOD IS IT BAD!!!!! I just want to cry. I hate that now there will be people that will watch this live action show, knowing there is anime, and deciding that they will skip watching anime because show on netflix wasn't that good. I mean I can see how this show is mediocre, and can be watched if u never got in contact with original series, but I just feel sorry for the people that will miss on anime show because they watched live action first.
Where should i begin. First of all, you all know it, John Cho is little too old for this role, and (I could see that something else was missing but just realized it when my girlfriend noticed "and he's short, Spike should be tall, cmooooon!!!!") he is short. Fuck it, I think this is my first time calling someone "too short" but he is, he fucking is. Ok, I can get over that, Spike is little older, and a little shorter, than he should be, but its bearable. Its not perfect but he has at least a little bit of Spike's vibe and manners. Not enough, just a little bit, just enough that I can continue to watch the show because who ever did costumes and scenes did a great job. A GREAT JOB. Everything regarding clothes, room setups and environment was good. Congrats to those guys, they kept me going through this. Ok, so I get over the fact that Spike is not older than Jet (and Jet being older plays a big role in their relationship) and I'm kinda enjoying the show because I didn't really expected much from it. Jet is great, Faye is cool, Ein... you just can't go wrong with the Ein, he is fucking adorable. And then, there is Julia................................................... I mean, I don't know, this is the part where, every time this actress walks into frame I want to pour acid into my eyes and shoot myself through the knee, like cmon. She is total opposite of what Julia should be. Julia is this mysterious notion that we can see only through Spike's memories, someone who we don't get to know till the last few episodes, but we still know that she is someone perfect because we know her only from Spike's perspective. She is "The One" for him, and she is the one for us. This lady portraying Julia is just simply annoying. Fuck her! And yea, fuck her duck face, what the fuck is that? And she is always crying?! She can't act and she looks like someone who, when they approached her with the script and told her that its based on anime series, she told them that she is not going to watch "the cartoon" and never even watched original show. I just can't, I wanted to go into further rant about what's wrong with Julia in this show but I won't anymore, I'm just getting more frustrated when thinking about it.
In conclusion, there are few good things about this netflix adaptation but it's nothing in comparison with all bad things about it. It's just not good and I'm sorry for the people that are going to miss the original show because this one on netflix is just mediocre shit.
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2021.12.05 16:57 Thewaltham Some of you wanted to see my entire 42 year old base with 124 pawns after my post about the absurd tribal raid. Here it is!

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2021.12.05 16:57 Animatron12 Oh

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2021.12.05 16:57 kevinmrr Starbucks union is percolating

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2021.12.05 16:57 TheEliteKoala1 Anon is an Indian man

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2021.12.05 16:57 HellcatsandTracchawk Hmu for snapchat/INstagram haxxckz/ methods , megas . I show proof before anything none of that fake shit . ( serious folks only )

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2021.12.05 16:57 KarimPopa Conditional Task

Please, check my answers to the task below:
Transform the sentences. Use the first, second, third conditional.

  1. I didn't go to the cafe so I didn't see Roger - If I went to the cafe, I would see Roger.
  2. He didn't know she was allergic to fish so he took her to a seafood restaurant - He wouldn't have taken her to a seafood restaurant if he had known she was allergic to fish.
  3. He didn't buy the bike because he didn't have enough money - If he had had enough money, he would have bought the bike
  4. Sue didn't miss the train because I woke her up in time - Sue would have missed the train if I hadn't woken her up in time.
If there are mistakes between 3rd and 2nd conditioanls, expalin me why I should use another one in sentence, Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.05 16:57 DBG_Andrea Ecco come Epic tratta le sue 3 modalità principali:

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2021.12.05 16:57 JRLCHARTSLGBTNews BiLatin Men Finally Unleash Prism & Circle Flip Fuck Raw (2021) on Digital - JRL CHARTS

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2021.12.05 16:57 calmaplane I made a T-Rex with lazers, for reasons that I feel are self explanatory.

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2021.12.05 16:57 jugheadshat General Spider-Man Unpopular Opinions?

I’m interested in knowing everyone’s unpopular opinions concerning the character, whether it be comics/shows/movie/games, etc…I’ll start.
I’m not sure if this is exactly unpopular, but I keep seeing this on this sub and on other Spider-Man fandom spaces. The idea that they’ll somehow write out Zendaya’s MJ and replace her with “actual” Mary Jane Watson. I think that’s a really stupid idea for several reasons. 1) having a character with the same exact Nickname and general role being the primary love interest is just corny and would feel weird. 2) they’ve already stated, that while she doesn’t have the name Mary Jane Watson she is an adaptation/MCU interpretation of the character and 3) They would be out of their mind, from a business perspective, to get rid of Zendaya at the height of her popularity and with the popularity of her and Tom’s relationship as well.
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2021.12.05 16:57 cjshni Dealing with missing your FP/ separation anxiety?

During the times when I can't talk to/text my FP for a whole day because she's busy and can't be on her phone, my separation anxiety is awful. I miss her like crazy and I spend every minute thinking about her, checking my phone to see if she's texted me even though I know she won't, and fighting the impulse to spam her with texts even though I know she's unavailable to talk. I do try to distract myself with activities or work, but my mind constantly wanders and I'm unable to focus because I'm anxious about my FP being away.
This is relevant today because my FP is at a work event all day today, the last time I spoke to her was rather briefly last night (and we didn't speak a lot yesterday because we were both busy), and there's a good chance I may not speak to her until sometime tomorrow. It feels like torture!
Is there a solution to this besides just distraction? Should I tell her I need to take some time away for a week or so in order to try and separate myself from her a bit more and become more independent? Or is that a bad idea—will it cause me nothing more than feeling like hell during that time?
In the past, I've scared lots of people away because I'm too clingy and obsessive (along with all my other BPD symptoms... fear of abandonment, unstable relationships, etc.). My FP is my girlfriend and I really love her and I don't want to mess this up and lose her. How can I calm myself down and give her space without feeling tortured?
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2021.12.05 16:57 Tall_Kangaroo6087 RedFloki stealth launched only today | Get 7% BUSD rewards for hodling | Huge Marketing | x1000 Gem 🚀

🔸 Floki has already conquered the world - Binance Smart Chain & RedFloki are next!
🔸 RedFloki is the latest Floki Fan Token for all the full-blooded Folki Vikings on BSC. Their mission is to overperform all other existing Floki Tokens and create safe & profitable Token for the Floki community.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 RedFloki
🔸 RedFloki starts small with low initial market cap and has a chance to grow into a real chad coin - so better get your gains on time
⚔️ 100% SAFU - Buy $RedFloki and know Floki & Busd keeps your funds safe
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✅ Low tax 10% Buy and Sell
1% marketing,
2% LP
🔸 Tax Fees make RedFloki Price Floor grow while simultaneously protecting diamond handed Vikings from big dumps
🚀 RedFloki has launched with very low Market Cap - this means that we're talking about potential 100X+ in profits!
So, dear Floki friend what are you waiting for?
Hop on the RedFloki journey and get your gains the Floki way!
Verified Contract: 0xfd21d67127c53e7d394555ceebe71f6737783aa1
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.05 16:57 Virtual-Advantage767 Skooma den by TheMinttu

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2021.12.05 16:57 izanagi0706 3rd Strike

Is there any people who play 3rd Strike online? Are the servers still active ? Really want to buy it but kinda afraid because its old
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2021.12.05 16:57 binaryFate Vulnerabilities identified in Monero multisignature wallet code

``` -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256
Dear Monero users and participants of the Monero ecosystem,
Some vulnerabilities have been identified in the implementation of Monero multisignature wallets. These vulnerabilities do not affect the theory supporting multisigs, but affect the current wallet code implementing them.
Initially disclosed and discussed via the vulnerability response process*, the discussion has been enlarged to other key developers and MRL contributors. We agreed together that a public announcement had to be made.
These vulnerabilities affect (i) multisignature wallet creation and (ii) multisignature transaction signing. They can lead to funds being stolen by one of the signing parties.
Until a fix is released, we strongly recommend not to perform any multisignature transaction unless all signing parties can be trusted. If all signing parties cannot be trusted, no transaction should be attempted. Funds are not at risk if they are not moved and if the wallet-creation process was not abused.
A fix is currently being reviewed. At this stage we hope to have a pull request ready within a week, together with a more detailed description of the issues.

iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEgaxZH+nEtlxYBq/D8K9NRioL35IFAmGtGA0ACgkQ8K9NRioL 35JLBw//fZ4tcOCFRgoM+kiLVNVgziqio1PJl7w73BGjP7A3I0ieGPZtHfDk28ua okSRzWVKqm94Ruy7qAaDHwASxwmJ4MELaBzufx5WqMjhKWhYi87P6ZLEP2n1eVee TXmQ2lIy5JfKBXRI+wtmZsXLjWLajgztP0MCJGF1+QW9RawpsIuTkfyDPkrHsK32 0u3oC5XsdxETP8wu9LAsGVAsQ+xISZ//zkWlyqOWEkRxXhFUOLBmJ8OOPJ96WZ4x RMqijDjE2ZcOXPT5pLKwX+A+p9wHEpe7tDLe6F179F+rkWda3Cy6wqBztR8+LtI0 yPBDqI5k1eu4kwTke7WcNKBjwzkd8qxvPo1kQ1btj4PukxrlDLPcJc2g4vCvuSkb XkYzZB6fcT64bXqVnJJdeWYTBI3mDAQgOMGnU63zIA3pqYpPG44hXpFH9KXeFOwq O60xuKd7uYVkCRA0FckkSWABy2008/qk9APwKCWwg9Md07advkCAOlNVqjF9CrTE CZvyL3tywbbCpQsV1qeM29WM+yU5mjkz4Q3NvtHdL+c0jWElOmJDgs7RRz2bmsiX ZCfbR78Y4fTnUMOdBVqU1yLDUg7nZYRnTyD6ORhpgEc12BJV4nDc+mkBqPiR2hTe DLh4ZNqeIRFgX2M1Q1w9Kap2xXLV5dRMe0e/3amASKf2KJ8WBSY= =HZgv -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ```
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2021.12.05 16:57 Sneezehiccupfart Did pixar sample Grimes?

Did anyone else hear the similarity between the intro of Symphonia IX (My wait is u) and the falling scene music from Pixar's Soul? Was Symphnia sampled at all?
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2021.12.05 16:57 BlueyTigrey This is what they call “freedom”

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2021.12.05 16:57 meowmanda1 Was stoked to get my H3 merch had to share. Unfortunately most of my friends and family do not get the joke so I just had to share my joy with y’all. Love love love my new H3 merch.

Was stoked to get my H3 merch had to share. Unfortunately most of my friends and family do not get the joke so I just had to share my joy with y’all. Love love love my new H3 merch. submitted by meowmanda1 to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 16:57 NefandiOxt 🔥SNAFU ELITE🔥 Competitions and Presale happening at the Veterans token! Veteran Created, Veteran Trusted! Hop aboard before the ship takes off!!

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2021.12.05 16:57 CurlyDarkrai I want to read Moon Knight. Recommendations? (runs/ one-offs) thanks.

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