People on the Internet who complain about "Puritans" are incredibly obnoxious and lack understanding of history.

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2021.12.05 16:33 Wheatles_BiteAlbum People on the Internet who complain about "Puritans" are incredibly obnoxious and lack understanding of history.

"Puritan" is the latest buzzword used to shame anyone they view as prudish. This doesn't end with discussions about sex; people on the Internet criticize "Puritans" for any traditionalist viewpoint. Not only is this criticism pointless and displays a lack of anything resembling a valid argument, but it's not even an accurate description of Puritans. Puritans seemed to be a bit more Prudish than other Christians at the time, but that wasn't their main shtick, nor was it the reason they were called "Puritans". They wanted to "purify" the Church of England, that is, they wanted to remove Catholic practices from the Church. 14-year-olds on Twitter just assume from the name that they were ridiculously prudish, which is true by today's standards, but at the time that had nothing to do with their ideology, nor was it the reason they came to the colonies for religious freedom.
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2021.12.05 16:33 LetsBeatTheStreet NFT now shows on After Address Entered 👀 🚀🚀

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2021.12.05 16:33 BoostTheBeast That’s How You HARDFLIP!

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2021.12.05 16:33 DJCoolville TIL I can use another Authenticator

I was watching a streamer on YouTube waiting on the queue (While also waiting on the queue; riveting, I know.) and talked about having to use his google authenticator every time he got a 2002 error. I just set mine up because I have been using the sub par SE Authenticator because I didn’t realize there was another option that was added over time. FYI to anyone else.
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2021.12.05 16:33 Tian610 Theory: The Ch3 Map is the continued version of the Original Ch1 Map

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2021.12.05 16:33 SchemingPnda TW: sexual experiences

So reading through everyones bingos it seems quite a lot of us, myself included, have forced ourselves into having sex. And while its nice to see Im not the only one it is scary the amount of us have gone through this.
So this post is to talk through any issues surrounding this and supporting those who need it. If this post is unnessasary then let me know 💜
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2021.12.05 16:33 coffeecompanion The girl I like does not seem to have any experience in dating.

I'm (19) in university and I asked this girl (18) out. She's very innocent, I kept giving her signs that I like her but her kindness is pretty general. She's an international student who came here and she doesn't have many friends. She's like the type who doesn't think about relationship or even thought about having a boyfriend. She just studies everyday like a really good student. She even talked about having some friends who never talked to her again. I tried offering to buy her food but she refuses. Our first hang-out just became homework helping session. I don't want to come off as rude if I just don't talk to her like what her other friends did but I certainly don't want to be "just friends" with her too so I let her know about my intentions, asked her on a date.
She replied the next day saying: I have never date anyone and I don't know what to do. couple minutes followed by "Did I make you feel bad bc I reply late".
I don't know if she's interested at this point but I certainly know that she trying so hard to make friends.
Should I explain her more? When we met in person, I could really tell that she doesn't have any experience at all.
I just don't know what to do at this point.
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2021.12.05 16:33 DiligentBoat215 [NG][BL61][TOR][CRAZYTARO]

Ringing the Bell at the Moment, Waiting in Front of the fog Gate
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2021.12.05 16:33 talia1221 Would you rather name your baby a super unique name or a super common name and why?

I feel like I’d prefer a super unique name for my kid but I understand the appeal of a common name too.
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2021.12.05 16:33 CrackHeadPoet Do you get dejavu when I suck you?

She did it first, she made you cum.
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2021.12.05 16:33 hawthorneandsage What are your favorite cult documentaries?

Hi, would anyone be willing to share their favorite cult documentary with me? I think they're fascinating. Thank you!
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2021.12.05 16:33 Written_up_for_125 Yui's Mom the Horny MILF

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2021.12.05 16:33 Sentinel_2539 AI generated art using the prompt "General Sam"

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2021.12.05 16:33 KeepHonkingImDeaf [USA] [H] two black 3DS XL with two Nintendo chargers/protective cases, 3DS top screen, PS Vita 2000 screen replacement and clear case [W] Paypal

Looking to give them to new homes before Christmas! Only able to ship in the US only. Rep here. Buyers who are interested in bundle deal will be top priority. Thank you for checking out my thread!

  1. Black 3DS XL (old model) ---- $150
Minor scratch on the front. I bought it from this sub and an owner didn't mention that there was a small gap in the back. When playing, I can feel clicking against the back. See the video in the link for small gap. Other than that, everything pretty much works. Price is negotiable. Pictures and a video
  1. Black 3DS XL (old model) ---- $120
Repair needed. Top cracked screen. Pictures of black 3DS XL
  1. 3DS top screen ---- $10 or $5 with purchase of any 3DS XL
It is non-XL and it would not fit with 3DS XL or new 3DS XL. (Pictures)
  1. Third party Nintendo charger (Pictures)
Free with any purchase of Black 3DS XL above.
  1. 3DS XL clear case (Pictures)
Free with any purchase of Black 3DS XL above.
  1. 3DS XL silicone case (Pictures)
Free with any purchase of Black 3DS XL above.
  1. PS Vita 2000 White front screen replacement ---- $30
Haven't used this. (Pictures)
  1. PS Vita 2000 clear case
Bought it and it ended up not fitting with my Vita 2000 for some reason. Free with purchase of front screen replacement. (Pictures)
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2021.12.05 16:33 TypicalSprinkles The skunkier, the better. Who else loves the aroma?

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2021.12.05 16:33 Professional-Fly-846 Every time I quench my thirst

Every time I quench my thirst instead of sayin “Ahhh” I say “Moirahhhh. Is this weird and/or should I stop?
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2021.12.05 16:33 SevenIsNotANumber2 We need to downvote cummy's posts as well

We finally got him to negative comment karma, NOW WE NEED THIS FUCKING SUSSY IMPOSTOR TO HAVE NEGATIVE POST KARMA ✊✊
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2021.12.05 16:33 AggravatingStomach28 C.T orientation

Could someone tell me what this is. Im on non reporting probation but am due back next month for this.
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2021.12.05 16:33 TravoltaFan1978 Roger Avery: Laserdisc enthusiast

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2021.12.05 16:33 AccomplishedKey8567 F2P DEA help please

I'm a new player but I heard she's not f2p friendly at all, sadly I stupidly pulled her banner thinking I wasn't going to get her, I thought it wud just add to total pulls then when HoS comes back I would go all out for her. Sadly I got DEA after 10 pulls. What do I do now ?
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2021.12.05 16:33 Shill_of_Halliburton Requesting r/liar - not moderated

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2021.12.05 16:33 Tehlove_19 [NG][146][Fishing Hamlet] need help with getting rakuyo

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2021.12.05 16:33 Bmen444 Has anyone in GLP heard honking ?

Hey has anyone else been hearing a car honking repeatedly for minutes straight usually late at night sometimes during the day for what seems like the past year , it would do it everyday around the same time for atleast 5 minutes, it had stopped but recently they’ve been doing it again, it’s far away enough from me that it isn’t too annoying but I can’t imagine having to deal with it everyday if you’re nearby, I’m more so interested in what the hell is the deal with the person who has been committed to honking their horn for minutes on end almost everyday at certain times, are they trying to annoy an ex ? I know I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the honking , I stay by la esquina restaurant and am able to hear it, sounds like it’s coming from down ER blvd maybe on and around the Verdugo area, does anyone know or have heard the idiot who’s been honking ?
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2021.12.05 16:33 Fiksos Xbox series S and 2k 144Hz monitor not doing 2K@120Hz

Hello, I’ve bought recently a series S and I have a gaming monitor LG 32GK850F, which is a gaming 2k monitor capable of 144Hz gaming, it has HDMI 2.0 port and I can only get 120HZ at 1080p. I’ve watched youtube videos, disabled 4k but still no 2K@120Hz. Is that a know hardware issue or is it something that can or will be solved with a software update?
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2021.12.05 16:33 Unusual_Room_8858 Maintenance and dumping syndrome

Hi all.

I'm about 1.5 years post gastric bypass: some days I love it and some days I hate it.
The team who did my surgery isn't the best at communication or help. I can't get a solid, accurate response from their nutritionist, so I wanted to see what everyone else has been told.

During maintenance/healed and yeats past bypass, how much food should I be eating per meal?

Do I still need to watch the sugar and carbs as strictly as I did during the healing/weight loss phase?

Additionally, I have what I think is horrible dumping syndrome. (Or gluten intolerance, blood sugar issues, something!) For example, I was in a bad mood this morning and hate about half a donut and a matcha latte. I honestly thought I was losing my mind and about to lose consciousness. It was one of the scariest things I've ever gone through. I felt wired, my muscles tensed up and I felt shaky/tremors. I felt like a cloud had enveloped my brain, couldn't think straight, felt stupid and disassociated, which then led to extreme anxiety. My blood sugar spiked while this was happening and then dropped fairly low to like 70, which seems normal but it always affects me when it gets that low. I truly am scared I'm going to die when this has happened-like my brain is going to shut off.

I'd appreciate any help, as my resources aren't helping. I want to get back on track and make sure I'm not losing my mind or dying.

Thank you.
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